: Cutting off CD player and storage plastic face on factory stereo

10-22-10, 02:44 PM
Have 2007 STS, and we all know the pains of aftermarket stereo replacements if you want to keep all integrated options.

But , I have purchased a used factory sts radio. I am thinking of cutting off the plastic fascia just below the d-mark line on the stereo and just above the storage compartment. All the way down below the CD buttons on the 6-disc model.
Then, placing a plastic kit with an opening to place a USB-powered touch screen LCD. Then use the PAC – aux input for a CAR PC mount in the rear.

So the radio has no working parts in the plastic below the stereo controls , only the buttons for CD player and disc drive opening. This doesn’t affect the function of the stock radio; Behind the plastic in the metal unit is a different story. But I should never have touch anything beyond the plastic cover.

Since the radio is all one component and I am not able to the separate CD player. This is the only option I can think of that will allow you to keep the all factory functions, but use an aftermarket component mounted in the dash for a factory look.
My question to you guys is, has anyone performed such an action. Or, are there just better alternatives.

10-22-10, 04:11 PM
I have one sitting in my garage that I took apart. Your gonna have to take the back of the radio off and disconnect the ribbon cable that goes to the 6 disc. I checked and the radio will still work perfectly with the cd player disconnected.

But no one makes a kit for the hole your gonna have after you cut the face. You can take it to a local car A/V shop and LET THEM CUT the face and they can make a custom fiberglass adapter/face for your radio or whatever to slip into.

My shop quoted me $150 to cut it and make the face. A/V shops do this all the time (make custom faces). I had to have one made for my LS430 because no one made a kit for it.

But you need to take the radio apart. Its just a few screws on the back of it. Other wise your gonna have to cut the ribbon cable and you dont wanna have a cut ribbon cable hanging there.