: Theoretical Situation

10-22-10, 02:40 PM
I presently have the "ONSTAR" on my 2005 STS,but it is "NOT" activated !
Suppose, Just suppose I get in a Bad Crash, I try to get out of the vehicle,
but can't, so I press the ONSTAR button, and an operator answers, I tell her/him
the situation, Please send help. They respond, and they do respond, as I have
pressed it before, to see what would happen,and they replied.
So they may say: you are NOT a subscriber,we cannot send help !!!
What do you think, about this ! :cool2::hmm:

In reality, I would have a cell phone by my side, so assume it is damaged.

10-22-10, 10:42 PM
Call your dealer they still may have the conversion special for 199.00 from standard to digital the onstar is a great feature to have just in case you may not be able to use that cell phone and yes its a service you pay for so you pay then play.

10-23-10, 10:29 AM
Onstar uses cellular phone technology. Early STS models used analog and later use digital. Before too long, analog cell service will be unavailable anywhere. IMHO, you would want to keep your options open by getting the upgrade to digital.

As far as the actual question about an emergency, by law, even deactivated cell phones must support calls to 911. A good case could be made that an emergency call qualifies. Onstar may not be required to respond but they may be required to patch you through to 911.

Ethically speaking, if Onstar has value to you, you should be paying for it. If a loved one drives the car, what is their safety worth?