: Replacement bulb for center stop lite

10-22-10, 11:19 AM
I needed a replacement, it's a 894 bulb (1 piece with socket), of course, no one has it.

However, there's a Sylvania 880 which is the same, 27W, drops right in. Got mine at Oreilly's.


10-22-10, 08:01 PM
Hey- -

Doesn't GM carry this bulb?


10-23-10, 10:19 AM
i read on another forum that tractor supply stores carry the 894 bulb. apparently it was used in a snowblower?

10-25-10, 02:12 PM
Be careful an 892 is the bulb you want. others are a guarantee to melt (warp) the lense.

10-26-10, 11:41 AM
That's what I was afraid of; the bulb I removed matched the spec in the owner's manual (so it was original) and it clearly stated on the base 27W.

The Sylvania 880 exactly matched the physical base and wattage so I ASSUME that it should work the same; i.e. shouldn't damage the lens. I thought that 27W is a bit much for the confined space of the center stop lite, but it is original.....

Just took a look at a 892 bulb, Ge #16481, its a 16.8W that looks like it'll fit. I'll look around for it; may be the safer choice.


10-29-10, 11:32 AM
Wcoates is right...I checked my owner's manual and it states the bulb should be a 892 (16W).

Interesting; I removed my "original" bulb and it is a 894 (27W). The previous owner must have replaced the original bulb with a 894.

I don't see any lens problems (yet), but I'll replace it with the proper one.

Moral is always check the manual first!