: Installed Jake's studs engine with 65k, should I replace front crank seal, looks ok

10-22-10, 03:39 AM
I just finished installing the studs and noticed a groove in the back of the oil pump that looks like it may have had an o ring in it but did not see one when I removed it and there's not one below its mounting position. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be one? Also, the front crankshaft seal in the timing cover still looks good but should I change it or leave it alone? Any input is appreciated. In the old days I would replace every seal and gasket but there are several that are not needing to be replaced such as the timing cover to block seal.

10-22-10, 08:00 PM
No o-ring in the oil pump. Apparently that is supposed to be a pressure seal - Not too sure I like that design but it works. Just make sure the mating surfaces are completely clean and flat.

The front crank seal is spring loaded - if it wears, the spring brings it tight against the crank again. It doesn't necessarily need to be replaced. Use your own judgement. You may not need to replace it. I would replace, but I'm paid to replace every seal - for me it's different. I have 2100 new front crank seals for 00+ cars - wish I could trade half that for 93-99's! :)

In any event, check for cracks in the rubber seal or unusual hardness/softness of the rubber.

EDIT: Sorry I know the groove you mean - the mating surface from the oil pump to the lower portion of the engine block. As much as it looks like it had (and could use) an o-ring, they never came that way from Livonia -