: air ride compresor keeps kicking on/off newbie here.

10-22-10, 01:11 AM
air ride compressor keeps kicking on/off.

Gale Hawkins
10-22-10, 02:48 AM
For long and how often?

10-31-10, 08:27 PM
Mine comes on EVERY time I start my car for abour 20 seconds...I'm guessing a shock is leaking? Is there a fuse I can pull so I dont burn it out, until I get a new shock

10-31-10, 09:30 PM
every time the car comes on it should kick on to make sure the system is still holding air.. if it runs for longer than that few seconds then you need to worry... or if it never comes on also worry

if it's kicking on and off and on and off that could also be a symptom of a leak somewhere

but it is supposed to kick on after you start the vehicle to test the system