: Power Steering

09-16-04, 07:47 PM
Cruising in my hearse today and the power steering hose sprung a leak. Got the car home and plan on fixing tomorrow. Doesn't look to tough but thought I'd post and see if anyone has ever done this and knows any tricks I might run into. I'll let ya know how it goes but I don't forsee much problem.

09-17-04, 01:06 AM
Don't buy the hose from autozone. I tried to use one of their hoses about a year ago and turns out one end was flared wrong. I used a pep boys hose and it was fine.

09-20-04, 07:23 AM
Got it all done no problems. Yes there are 2 different fittings on the hose. I made sure I brought the old one with me and pointed it out to salesman and he ordered me the right one. After installing the new line my service manual said to add fluid and then turn the wheels all the way to left and then all way to the right and repeat this process. The pump was squealing at first but with each turn got better and better. After doing this twice I rechecked the fluid level and it was low in the pump because of filling up the lines. Added more fluid repeated the process. The key is to hold the steering wheel as far either right or left as possible. When you think it's all the way turned you'll feel it bump a little more. Hold it and you'll feel it bump a little more again. This is the air being expelled from the lines. Took it for a drive around the neighborhood making lot's of turns and all is fine.