: Needed a little something to help the gf get in..

10-21-10, 05:19 PM
Well when I put the bigger tires on to help the appearance of the truck with the lift my gf was having a hard time getting in and out.. not impossible but enough to make it annoying for her.. and I have to be honest having to get the little jump to get in was a little annoying.. sucks that I had to take the factory running boards off but there was no way they were going to fit with the new tires.. and instead of cutting them up I opted to just get something new so i went with some chrome nerf bars.. I have to be honest.. I saw a pic a while back of them on a sunburst colored escalade and they looked hideous and i was a little sketchy about putting them on but once they were on I have to admit.. They look pretty good.. nice touch of chrome added and helps the gf getting in and out.. just thought i would share some pics in case anyone was thinking of adding them..


10-21-10, 08:43 PM
Looks ok. Still trying to decide if I want to take my boards off. I like the look on yours. How much is holding them on?

10-21-10, 08:47 PM
the stock running boards are held on with about 6 bolts and 2 nuts.. being my first time ever taking them off and not reading anything about taking them off it took me about 10-15 minutes to take both sides off.. and that was laying out in the parking lot of a Strauss Auto without all the "proper" tools.. very easy to do..

the nerf bars are attached to 3 body bolts on each side and 3 brackets that were included.. very very easy to do.. just had to have an air gun to get the body bolts out.. very rusted.. took me about 20-30 minutes between lining up properly and everrything liek that... each side is rated for 300lbs..

10-21-10, 10:04 PM
Looks A LOT better than the factory running boards do on a lifted Esky...

Great job!!!

10-21-10, 11:14 PM
Get your new front driveshaft in there yet? How is the new lift? Still good?

10-22-10, 01:05 AM
still waiting on the driveshaft.. the lift is still awesome.. i love having the truck lifted.. get nothing but compliments on it and of course im the only one around lol.. and the best thing is that the suspension is made by BDS which has the best warranty in the industry.. lifetime warranty with no questions asked.. so if something should ever break its covered.. cant beat that.. driveshaft should be put in within the next week or 2.. just got back from vaca so the shop is getting on top of it for me..