: I just bought a cream-puff '96 Eldorado for 3grand

10-20-10, 11:24 PM
I was searching craigslist looking to replace my impala and came across a creampuff. The Eldorado was listed for 3500 cash and only had 92k on it. I worked him down and got it for $3000. It's a pearl white with tan interior 96 Eldorado. this car is clean clean clean and fun to drive. I'm an Austin Realtor and needed a more presentable ride. This Eldorado fit the bill just right. So far I'm completely happy with the car aside from the minor quirks I've come across. I'll try to post some pics soon.

BTW, This is my first Caddy.

10-20-10, 11:33 PM
Welcome to this merry band of fifteen year old Eldorado and Seville owners and drivers. Peruse the section devoted to our cars and also review the Northstar (N*) tech notes. Sounds like you found a beauty at a reasonble price. I hope you have as much enjoyment from you Eldorado as my wife and I have had from our Sevilles!

10-20-10, 11:52 PM
Pics please? Welcome!

10-21-10, 12:00 AM
Pics please? Welcome!

Coming soon! Camera batteries are dead and a cell phone pic is pointless.

10-21-10, 09:08 PM
Congrats and :welcome:

10-22-10, 01:30 AM
Hey congrats for the new purchase and welcome to the site.its so glad to meet you.enjoy.

10-24-10, 11:51 PM


10-25-10, 12:05 AM
Greetings and salutations!

As Orconn said read the tech stuff and watch the headgaskets. Other than that, they're beautiful cars!

10-25-10, 12:49 AM
If your not sure when the anti freeze was last changed, get it checked out or just replace it, taking care of the cooling system is very important.

10-25-10, 07:50 AM


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