: stuck in park

10-20-10, 10:41 PM
Has anyone else have their STS gear shifter stick in park and not be able to shift into gear? it has happened to me twice. It seems there is a electronic interlock that somtimes activates which prevents shifting out of park. Luckily both times I somehow managed to de-activate the safety interlock once it took 24 hours, why does this happen and what is the proper procedure to de-activate? Please help if someone knows why and how....Thanks:suspense:

10-20-10, 11:35 PM
There is a manual release but it's tricky. I can't speak first-hand to it. (Search?)

My wife's '98 STS had the problem and instead of a $500 dealer repair our friends at 'Scotty's Automotive Service' disabled it for $50. He did advise against it as he suggested it. :)

If it was the brake pedal switch, you'd also have trouble starting the car unless it is a separate switch. It could be so. It's probably a tired solinoid. I heartily support Scotty's idea.

10-22-10, 10:29 PM
Had the same problem it is a selonoid switch on your gear shifter, it has went bad you can manually override this switch but you have to take the cover off over the gear shifter, if you have the 1sg it should be the wood grain cover. Once you can see inside the shifter there is a little black release lever on the side that you can push to release the shifter each time you turn the car off you have to repeat the process the true fix is to have your complete shiter assembly replaced if under warrenty get it done if not around six hundred out off pocket.P.S take a look on ebay they sometimes have them for cheap I fixed mine by getting one from off ebay and cutting the selonoid off and putting on my shifter no problems after that.

10-23-10, 11:36 PM
Yes after the first time I read in the manual about the solenoid but could not fiqure out how to remove the console yes I have the wood grain but could not open it up to expose the switch....how do you take the console apart to expose this manual switch? Thanks

10-26-10, 11:03 AM
Sorry haven't been on in a couple of days you need a small flathead screwdriver, first open your console and begin to pull up on the plastic trim around the gearshifter, take your time and be gentle it only attaches with clips it goes from the console to the bottom front of the nav control system, once that is up you lift the wood trim up and you see the inside of the gearshifter you may have to take the knob off to fully see, push down on the chrome bottom and you will see a small hex screw unloose and pullup, the black lever is on the left side push the stick lever and you should see movement near the lever.

10-27-10, 12:45 AM
Great!!! I will try taking it apart this weekend before it happens again,Thanks:)

11-04-10, 12:45 PM
No-One mentioned it, as we assumed you were following the owners manual.
You ARE stepping on the brake pedal,first,and continue to hold the brakes during, starting the car,to attempt to, put the gearshift into ANY gear ?
Good Luck !:cool2::cool2: