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10-20-10, 07:53 PM
So, I've been doing some searching on here and I see a few folks are having similar issues . . .

2007 with 92K miles. . .
When stopped at a light, engine dies. All lights stay on, no engine light, no nothing, nav and radio are good. Put it in neutral, try to start it again and it just cranks, almost like its not getting any gas. Have it towed to caddy, they try to start it, and it cranks fine, just wont turn over. Once they push it inside the bay, they make one more attempt to start it and it starts right up. No error codes recorded, they "find nothing".

Two days later, while stopped at another light, I get a check engine light, a service stabilitrac message, a parking sensor off message. I go to take off from the light and it will not shift out of 1st gear. I pull over, and give it about 10 mins. Truck starts right up, runs fine, but the check engine light is still on. Turn it off and on again, no light.

Driving today, after about 10 mins of highway speeds, I get to another intersection, truck dies. Again, it cranks, but will not turn over. . . I put the petal down to the floor while cranking and it got enough gas to start up, and it was fine the rest of the day.

Any ideas? Dealer finds "nothing wrong". This has all happened in the past 6 days. What can I tell the dealer to look at? My wife drives my daughter around in this truck . . . I can't have it stalling out every other day.

10-20-10, 08:41 PM
Actually, seems like a communication problem between modules. Best thing to do is have it scanned for what codes were set.

10-20-10, 08:44 PM
I'm going to bring it in to caddy tomorrow. The codes will be saved in the computer, right? Even if the check engine light is off now?

10-20-10, 08:49 PM
Wait,were you in central,NJ

10-20-10, 08:50 PM
haha yes, I was there about a week ago, thursday I believe.

10-20-10, 08:55 PM
Yep, I know the truck. There were no codes in it.

10-20-10, 09:02 PM
Wow! What a small world! :)

PM sent. . .

10-21-10, 02:21 AM
Camshaft actuator.