View Full Version : Rear HVAC Blower Not Working...Ideas?

10-20-10, 07:01 PM
So I noticed this morning that my rear blower isn't working at any speed. Checked all the fuses that had to do with HVAC (including the "RR HVAC" fuse in the engine block), opened up the back and checked for a loose connection, even tried resetting the truck by disconnecting the battery for a couple minutes. When I turn the knob to try and turn on the rear blower, I hear a slight clicking in the back of the truck. Was just going to replace the blower motor, but I can't return it if it ends up not being the problem. Just want to make sure it isn't anything else. Does the control module control the blower or just the air blend/directional actuator? :confused:
Any ideas of what to try next would be great.

10-29-10, 05:07 PM
Update: Finally gave up and took it to the dealership, I needed an oil change anyway. Turns out, the tech spent a good two hours looking, and finally found it was a pin connector at the front of the truck that had been removed and clipped back in, in doing so crushing the pin that was power for the blower motor. :cookoo: This is why it only worked sometimes and not others, because the pin would seat funny in the socket, sometimes making a connection, other times not. Only a 20 dollar fix, the dealership took pity on me as I bought the truck used and couldn't come up with any reason as to why someone would of disconnected the connector to begin with. Very strange...