: E028 transmission shop saying its electrical

10-20-10, 06:20 PM
My 88 Eldo Biarritz has recently been jerking slightly when cruising and it is stopping me from being able to smog it. Sometimes the jerk wont happen, and sometimes it will, but it is always random. When they do the 15mph test and the 25mph test its jerking too much to get the correct reading on the dyno. I am getting code E028.

I have taken it to 2 transmission shops. The first one was recommended by a few people and I am pretty certain that they are good. They took a look at it drove it around and ran the diagnostics. They told me that they believed the problem to be electrical.

I took the car to a little electrical shop, which charged me for a half hour of labor and sent me on my way saying everything seemed ok. I don't think they really looked at it like they should have because since then I have noticed a few frayed wires here and there. Took it to another transmission shop, showed them the diagnostics paper that the other tranny shop had given to me explaining the E028, and he said right off the bat that it was electrical.

Being so pissed off that every mechanic in the book was sending me the opposite direction, I decided to take a look at it myself. I noticed a frayed wire under the fuse box that plugged into what i believe to be the charcoal canister (I may be wrong) but it is a black cylinder under the fuse box near the left headlight. I spliced a new wire in there and it should have a good connection now (I dont think that had to do with my problem, correct me if it could).

I then unplugged the 5 pronged wire that goes into the tranny from the ECM that has 4 wires to it. All of them were reading 14v except for the tan/blk wire, which my haynes manual is telling me goes to the TCC. I suspected this wire to be the problem, so I ran an 18ga wire directly from the plug into the ECM. (I purchased a new plug from picknpull) I drove it around a little bit and it seemed like it had maybe fixed it, but the problem happens so randomly that its hard to tell. The check engine light had shut off after a few blocks so I had thought i had fixed it.

Well with my luck, this morning I got back in it to change out the thermostat housing and the light is back on, with the E028 being the bastard turning it on again.

So, i'm not sure what I should do here. Ive been looted by all these b.s. shops all for them to point fingers somewhere else. I really dont have all the money in the world to take it to a specialist. hopefully it may be something I can tackle. if anybody has any ideas please help me if you can. Im out of ideas as of now. Thank you very much in advance.