: 07 EXT Midgate Info

10-20-10, 04:00 PM
Hate to do this since I feel like I've seen a thread somewhere on this, but I've looked and can't find it

Anyone know what Midgates fit the 07+ EXTs <- such as, will an 03 Avalanche Midgate make a clean swap into a newer EXT ? I'm sure somebody out there has to know something about how interchangeable the EXT to Avalanche midgates are, or even the older to newer EXT midgates. I thought they were all the same but I need to be sure

Any help is Appreciated! :bouncy2:

10-21-10, 03:37 AM
When I bought my used 2007 it was missing the midgate and hardware (replaced with full bed speaker box). Eventually I found a 2004 in decent shape and it fit perfectly including the hardware. Only issue is that it was black and to be technically correct mine should have the cashmere colored one. I like the black better anyway. The plate in the bed on the 2004 that lifts up has a little different pattern from the 2007 up but nothing anyone would notice. I only noticed it when I was putting in the carpet bed lining. Used the rubber mat out of the 2004 as well. But looked at a lot of them 2003-2006 and they all appeared the same. I know for sure a 2004 will fit. FWIW