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10-20-10, 12:54 PM
What have been the recent Manheim Auction Sales of 2008 and 2009 Escalade EXT's? On the fence on puchasing either an 08 or 09 with a 4.9% financing or a 10 with 0% financing and bigger down to get payments close but may have to add a year or two to the terms.

10-20-10, 06:07 PM
Let me know what state you are interested in . . . I'll attach the last few weeks results for you.

10-20-10, 06:14 PM
For California, but would be interested in other states as well. Don't think there are that many EXTs going through Manheim, relatively speaking... TIA

10-20-10, 06:36 PM
Few 08's and VERY few 09's. . .plenty of 07's tho

These are the results from the dealer-only auctions.

10-20-10, 06:42 PM
Thanks. BTW, what is the best way to get access to Manheim? I suppose a dealer license is required?

10-20-10, 06:48 PM
Yes, a dealer license is required for an auction pass ID, which is required to get into the auction as well as a bidders badge to bid on anything. I believe they have some public auctions, but there are not really any good deals to be found there, not to mention lack of inventory. Here in NJ at the dealer trade auction there are anywhere from 5000 to 6000 vehicles every week, as compared to the public auction which tops out at maybe between 80-100 vehicles.

10-20-10, 07:06 PM
Also remember that unless you are a licensed franchise, you can only bid on open auctions. Closed auctions are closed to non franchised dealers, which most 09's and top quality leases go to through manhiem. The listing will state whether it is closed or not.The person I used to get my 09 lade from manhiem had a connection with a dealer that could get me a closed auction car if needed, but fortunately I didn't have to do. Also check out OVE.com, a "dealer ebay" if you will, that most top quality cars go to first, rather than fired off to manhiem if the dealers have a top product.

10-20-10, 07:20 PM

10-22-10, 12:15 PM
any prices on platinum hybrids as well as 09 regular and platinum hybrids? just want to know how much my escalade hybrid is going for:)

05-09-11, 06:48 PM
old thread but how about price on some 07 ext in the dallas area

Thanks in advance let me know if you need anything