: Interior parts

Eldorado guy
10-20-10, 02:38 AM
Hello everyone. I don't know if this is the correct place to put this, but I have an interior question. My 1980 tripple Colonial Yellow Cadillac Eldorado has a few interior issues. The Saddle-ish colored dash pad is cracked, the front arm rests on the doors have some cracks in them, and the rear arm rests have the same. I found a place that sells the dash pad in an acceptable color, the door arm rests without the yellow color, but no rear panels. The rest of the interior is pretty decent with some wear here and there.

So, has anyone delt with this issue and does anyone have a solution? Could a dye be obtained to re-color panels in Colonial Yellow? I was told that you can obtain dyes for leather, but I don't know about dying whatever the panels are made of. If you can get the dyes, could you find good used panels and re-color them with multiple applications or by some how bleaching the old color out? Maybe a silly question, but is there any way to repair these panels? It just sickens me to see my project I've had since I was 13 go to hell cosmetically because I can't fix it.

Thanks everyone,