: Need Help with new ESV pricing

10-19-10, 11:45 AM
Hey guys I am in the market for a ESV I was wondering how much i should pay for a leftover ESV Premium AWD pretty much fully loaded and its a 2010 the sticker is 77,900. Do you guys think i could pick one up for about 50k.

Big Windy Ext
10-19-10, 04:28 PM
Nope , they don't have Platinums stacked like cord wood . Dealer by me only has one and its a 2011.

10-19-10, 05:33 PM
Platinum, no way on earth would you get it for 50k. ESV, no way. 50k can probably get you a 2wd short wheelbase with 22's or a Awd with 18's

10-19-10, 06:16 PM
Lol, if I could get an Escalade Premium for 50k I would have bought two.