: What snow tires do you use?

10-17-10, 10:27 PM
I just moved back to the northeast and I'll be looking for some all season or snow tires. I'd appreciate some recommendations.

10-18-10, 10:21 PM
Blizzak's rule!

10-19-10, 06:50 PM
I don't own a set of snow tires/wheels as I have a 4X4 for the really rough days. However, from experience with other cars I do concur with EChas3...Blizzaks do rule.

10-19-10, 07:55 PM
The idea these days is not to just go for Snow Tires but to embrace the concept of Winter Tires. I.e. not just the grip / tread pattern, but the whole rubber-composition thing where tires stay sorta flexible and able to accommodate cold temperatures as well as snow.

I've had Continental WinterContact TS810S winter tires on my STS for the last three winters and they have worked well for traction and generally being in control of the car (assisted by the Stability and Traction Control Systems), although as with any winter tire the sidewalls are stiffened and the ride gets "a little / even more" harsher.

Most tire folks I talked to about Blizzaks say that their "superb" bit is only part-way down, and then the super-grip rubber etc. disappears in a hurry.

10-19-10, 10:29 PM
WS-60 Blizzaks. There are wear bars at 50% that indicate when the ice grip part is about used up. Mine have lasted three winters and are still going strong. Around here the pavement is covered by ice or packed snow for the entire winter.

10-19-10, 11:42 PM
Koz - My wife wants to know how long you've been Alaska. Are you still 70 or getting older like me and my Caddy?

10-20-10, 12:22 PM
I've been using Dunlops on two different cars now and they are great. Makes the drive in snow very good. Plan on getting some for the STS soon.

10-20-10, 03:00 PM
Chicago area here - using Blizzak LM series. Love'em. The WS series is better suited for more severe winter areas (colder, rural/less road clearing or constant coverage of the far north). For less frigid urban sprawl areas the LM's are a superb balance between snow and our more frequent salty slush.

hazcaddy's 'rubber/composition' reference is key.