: HEI swap into 68' fleetwood

68' Big Body
09-15-04, 11:45 PM
Hello everyone,

I need a little help, have a quick question. I ordered a HEI Distributor from www.500cid.com and I received it yesterday, complete unit for about $200. When I tried to replace it though, the base of the distrubutor was too large to clear what looks like a water line that goes between the two cylinder heads and sits just behind the belts/pulleys, is 'blue' in color. The base of the unit like I said does not clear this line, so I can't install the unit. This is my first V-8 engine and my friend whom I described the problem to says he thinks the part they sent me was perhaps a unit for/from a Chey and that they are usually larger but they sit up top of the Chevy engines so clearance issues are well, not an issue. What are your thoughts? Should I send this unit back or modify something to make it work and if so what and how? I thought about simply cutting this line in two parts and taking out the portion that's blocking it, and then simply fitting some flexible (rubber) line in place of it after I've fitted the distributor... Again, your thoughts please.


09-15-04, 11:53 PM
I have a '68 CDV I've wanted to switch to an electronic ignition as well. Everyone I've talked to says that an HEI distributor will not only NOT fit around that coolant line but it will also NOT fit with the stock belt pulleys in place. You'd have to get different pulleys, unless I'm mistaken.

68' Big Body
09-17-04, 12:03 AM
Hey thanks for the reply, but you know I have had some success so far. First I called them up and they let me knwo that the line I mentioned was for the 'smog pump', whatever...so it recaptures exhaust fumes, like EGR I guess. They said I could remove that line and simply plug those openings in the cylinder head with freeze plugs, but instead I simply crimped down on the line making it flat. Then the HEI just fell into place. Next is the issue of the double belts on the pulleys and how the rear most belt would rub against the ignition cap. Well, the cap and belt don't touch at all, they almost do but there is about 1/8 to 1/4 in of space in between them, I'll keep and eye on it.
Lastly after cutting so generic 8.5mm ACCEL plug wires to the lengths I needed, and fitting the end caps to the ignition cap, the job isd alomst done. Just need to go in and remove the old wiring and from eveywhere and run my 12 volt line to the HEI.


See Ya,

barge master
09-17-04, 12:54 PM
Once you get that HEI in you'll never want to look at points again. They suck.

Colt D
10-31-04, 03:04 PM
I changed out the points on my 68 Deville Convertible with the Crane XR-i electronic ignition conversion kit. I read what you did with the HEI conversion and I want to know if you changed spark plug styles and gaps or if you still use the stock 68 44N w/ .035".


68' Big Body
11-03-04, 01:36 AM
No changes in the plugs except the gap, now set at .060

I have been considering changing them though, not sure to what just yet although I wonder how some Split-Fires would do?