: 425 Oil Pan Problems

10-17-10, 04:52 PM
I purchased a 1966 deville that has a 425 motor from a 1977 deville inside of if. It runs good but the problem that I'm having is the Tie Rod that goes across is rubbing and digging into the oil pan:-((( My question is can I take a oil pan from a 429 or a 472 and fix my problem? If anybody have a good solution it would be greatly appreciated.......

10-17-10, 08:28 PM
The pans are not the same for those motors.. The only pan you might have a chance of working would be a 68-74 RWD 472 pan or a 75-76 RWD 500.. There are alot of these around for cheap.... If they don't work , they might need a little mod...