10-17-10, 03:36 AM
hey all,
im looking to possibly getting a EXT or a avalanche...looking at 03-05 price depending. i dont really know much about the true difference between a ext and a avalanche, other than the obvious body trim and badges and 4x4 vs AWD. i was really surprised to see the EXT is the same price as the avi with similar mileage, so if the ext will suit my needs and not give me headaches then ill probably go for it.

so is the AWD a real AWD all the time system or does it run in rwd and have fw assist? i have driven other vehicles from gm with the all wheel assist as i call it and i hate them.

the engine is the same as the avi and i know its a very common engine and is most likely bulletproof...i have a 4.3 vortech in my jimmy and it still sounds like new with 200km on her.

is there anything i should know are problems with the EXT that wouldnt cause a issue on the avalanche or just any big problems in general.

ive been drivin a 03 cts for 2.5 yrs now and shes been a good car, but im going to need a truck this winter or next summer, something i can drive a ATV into the back and tow a ski boat, we are getting a family cottage and its all dirt roads up to it and in the winter 4x4 is the only way in on a unploughed road..

10-17-10, 12:36 PM
The AWD isnt like the gm pickups with 4wd/AWD. They are a true AWD and drive pretty good. I enjoy my Escalde and looking forward to driving this winter. The only reason I would have prefered a 4wd over it is for getting a lift kit. All 6" lift kits out there say they cannot be installed in a awd vehicle. Some have done it however.

Gale Hawkins
10-17-10, 03:14 PM
Old Chevy trucks seem to hold their values better than old Caddy trucks. New with equal equipment the Chevy is $15K less.

After 100K miles the AWD can lead so some rather large repair bills per posts here.

10-17-10, 07:25 PM
It really is weird with the price comparison. A 2007 Avalanche (50k miles) goes for $25.5-28.5K when you can get an Escalade EXT (50k miles) for around $30-33k. Were talking about only a $3-5000 difference, might as well get the Caddy.

In your case, I would go with the caddy. The avalanche of that year is UGLY (the 2007+ are nice). I was also looking for an Avalanche or EXT... paid $14000 for an 03 EXT with 70k miles in 2008. I'm thinking of selling it, I could probably sell it for the same price I bought it with 97k miles.

10-20-10, 10:21 AM
There is really not much that are the same between the Avalanche and the Escalade. From the whole powertrain to the interior. I much prefer the Caddy, I have noticed they are almost the same price used in my City as well. I think it is mostly due to people not even searching for Eascalades, as they may just assume they cost a lot more, but in reality there is not much price difference but huge quality difference. Just my $.02.

10-21-10, 02:31 PM
thanks for the input guys.
so how is the EXT for reliability? im not against the ESV but i would rather the pickup option for when i head to the cottage, also like the look better.
what are the awd issues?

10-23-10, 01:00 PM
Here's a good thread: http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cafcna/index.php/topic,76195.0.html
When I was comparing the two as new vehicles in '05, the EXT won on many small points, but the big one for me was the EXT has ESC which was a big safety factor for me. Faster, quieter scored well, also.

10-23-10, 02:40 PM
Great link thanks!
I'm leaning toward the EXT if I decide to pull the trigger on a truck. I've got my eye on a 2002 EXT with 150km on the clock (90miles or so) and they are asking $11grand private sale..I think I can get them down from there. I was wanting something a little newer but they seem to have the make or higer mileage and for double the price....crazy....
What do u guys think about that one? I still got to pull the service history on the vin and see how she's been, but seems likr a good price...I'm in Canada so keep that in mind lol

Gale Hawkins
10-23-10, 04:23 PM
It sounds like a good price on the surface. Any GM dealer can run the service history that GM paid for which should tell you the big stuff.

The can vary a few grand in price just based on condition when that old. Our 2003 base with 100K+ was more than I wanted to pay but at a glance it still looks much newer based only on condition and not its shape. :)

10-23-10, 04:40 PM
EXT is considerably faster than Avalanche. EXT rides smoother than Avalanche. EXT has much more comfortable seats than Avalanche. Pre 07 EXTs have rear parking sensors and Stabilitrak. That's about it, except for woodgrain, looks, etc.

My Z71 Avalanches were better in snow, which I think is due to the off road tires and the ability to lock into 4WD.

10-23-10, 09:14 PM
ill be getting the full history from the dealership, ill be doing the physical inspection, very rarely does any accident repair or paint work get by me, so if it has been painted and i dont notice it then it was a really good repair.
i may get a mechanic i know from the dealership to come check it out if he has some time, hes been a caddy tech for years and would know his way around the truck very well.

right now im leaning towards the EXT... if i get a avalanche it would have to be the 07+, they look sick, but i would really rather awd than 4x4, even though i know it will drink more gas, but when you are looking at trucks of this size fuel consumption generally shouldnt be a suprise. also you may be shocked by my 4.3l jimmy probably uses close to the same amount of gas as the ext... i only get 350km to a tank if its all highway... i dont know the tank size.
i would love to find a fair priced one at a dealership so i can just trade in my jimmy, because that has got to go so i have a parking space..

i read something about the dash being different in 02 from the 03???
what is the difference and what else changed in 02-06??

10-25-10, 11:34 PM
Hueterm pointed out most of the differences. The engine is MUCH quicker. I didn't like the wood grain at first, but it did grow on me

The dash gauges in most 03's are fugly. Very very plain like all of the full size GM dashes. The other years have a much nicer look to them. Most of the aftermarket companies had the "escalade style" gauges for other vehicles
I think the later Escalades had more options standard and the price just goes up.

You may be getting the same mileage per tank, but it'll take $50 to fill the Jimmy. It'll take $100 to fill the Ext. (My first truck was a blazer)

I have an 03 EXT and my brother has an 03 Avalanche. I went with 24s, he put a lift and some big blacked out tires. I like the all black factory interior he has better than mine. I like the solid outside color of the EXT better. They started making the non cladded Avalanches before they did the body change in 07, but that looks even worse.

Gale Hawkins
10-26-10, 12:57 AM
The 2003 5.3 L Escalade only does 1-2 MPG less than our 2002 4.3L Blazer and both are RWD.

If I was in the deep south driving a PU truck I would prefer Chevy over Caddy. :)

I have to say the Escalade moves more like a sports car than an old Caddy. I was taken back by the way it will hold you against the seat at WOT shift points. To protect the transmission when driving hard I often use TOW MODE.