: Does anyone else see what i see here?

10-16-10, 11:23 PM
While reading the motor trend review of the Hyundai equus I noticed that from certian angles (rear 3/4 for example) the car could pass as a new buick flagship, i just see so much of buicks latest styling that with a little front end tweaking this car could pass as a buick. just wanted to see if anyone could see this s well??

10-16-10, 11:39 PM
I really didn't like how it looked in person. Probably because of the grille. The rear quarter is agreeable.

10-16-10, 11:43 PM
I agree, not my style either, but I just see so much of recent buick, especially the new lacrosse, and its RWD with a V8, I was reading and out of nowhere though "buick"

Lord Cadillac
10-16-10, 11:50 PM
I think Hyundai copied a lot of different cars - but not Buick. It's just a coincidence.

10-16-10, 11:53 PM
I think Hyundai copied a lot of different cars - but not Buick. It's just a coincidence.

Yeah, probably Buick copied the same cars!

10-17-10, 12:23 AM
I can see LaCrosse lines.

10-17-10, 12:30 AM
I really see the LaCrosse in it, especially the body accent line and how it curves up over the rear wheels.

10-17-10, 01:02 AM
I can see a bit of Buick/Lexus/Toyota, but mostly I see Infiniti.

Lord Cadillac
10-17-10, 02:45 AM
Imagine Hyundai was dumb enough to WANT to mimic Buick for their top tier luxury sedan offering? That would be F'ing hilarious!

10-18-10, 07:55 PM
yeah, well I like hyundai, I just really want them to get a bit more creative, I mean some similarities are going to happen,but not quite to the extent that hyundai has been doing it, although Ill admit the new sonata has gone in its own direction, and kia is starting to have its own design language, I mean there's obvious DNA in recent KIA's, the forte,new optima,new sorento and new sportage all have the same DNA apparent, so maybe theres hope yet for there design direction.

10-18-10, 08:42 PM
What you want originality in a contemporary car design. Apparently ain't going to happen, now they are even copying the little sculptured side filips and creases. I don't know how you would tell who copied who .... and I don't think the public care anyway!