: New member. Please ease my mind

10-16-10, 10:47 PM
Hi guys had to sign up to get some input. I currently own 2 Town Cars. Super low mile 97 and a 07. Both cars ride great and are quiet but both cars are are pretty outdated and I want to upgrade into a DTS.
I have owned a few Caddys mostly mid eightys and early ninties and loved the ride etc. Well today I test drove a low mile 06 non performance and came away disappointed. It seemed to ride rough and had a good amount of squeeks and rattles.
Please tell me this isnt normal for a 30k mile DTS. I really want a DTS but this has me wondering if Cadillac lost the ride and if the Lux2 model felt rough riding the performance must really be harsh.
Lincoln still has the ride but pretty much gave up on big American Luxury. The DTS is my last resort.

10-17-10, 01:49 AM
Sounds like a real Cadillac!:duck:

Maybe test drive a few more, different years and see how they feel to you. I am sure the DTS guys will chime in after a little while to encourage with positive reviews!:D

10-17-10, 06:00 AM
My 2007 base DTS has no rattles and the ride is boulevard smooth. Of course, your Town cars are much heavier and old school in their ride and comfort. It willl be hard to beat the living room comfort of those leviathans. The DTS will ride and feel different as it is a different animal. But it does sound like you should test drive a few more. Just keep in mind that any newer car will not absorb the potholes and road rash like the older generation luxury cars did, Lincoln or Cadillac. Under most driving conditions the DTS will be a very pleasurable ride.

10-17-10, 09:44 AM
I have an '06 Performance Sedan.
I have also owned older Cadillacs and older Town Cars.

About the squeaks..."THAT" is not normal at all.
Mine has a little over 90,000 miles on it right now and has -0- squeaks.

About the ride...the newer Cadillacs do not have the ultra soft and smooth ride of the older ones.
They do ride a little firmer but the good thing about that is, that they also handle a lot better than the older ones.

The Town Cars you have now will have a much "SOFTER" ride than any of the newer Cadillacs.

When I first got mine, back in November of '05...I did not like the ride at all.
I had a Fleetwood Brougham 'de Elegance before getting the '06 DTS.
After I got used to it, I now like it pretty well.
At least compared to other cars... :)

Sometimes, when I am just cruising around town...I do sometimes wish mine did ride a little smoother.

But out on the highway on a road trip, I like the "SOLID" "PLANTED" feel that it has vs my old Fleetwood or my previous Town car.

It is probably the best long distance, high speed cruiser, I have ever owned.

I don't know of "ANY" car built now that has the smooth, soft, floaty ride of the Town Car or the older Cadillacs.
The Town Car is the last of it's kind.

After driving this one for as long as I have, and finally getting used to it...
Personally, I will take the safer, better handling car over the ultra soft ride of the older Cadillacs and Town Cars.

But that is just me and my opinion...:) :)

Texas Jim

10-17-10, 11:20 AM
Jim is right. Nothing rides like a boat anymore. If that's what you like, then sell one and take the money and maintain the other one. I would be tempted to sell the 07 and rebuild the 97. I like the looks of the 97 far more than the 07. BUT.....the demise of the Town Car has been greatly exaggerated. Despite Ford announcing multiple times that the Town Car was history......you can still buy a 2011 Town car........so if you sold both of the ones you have now............

10-17-10, 07:27 PM
Very true. I rented a 2010 Town car. They are still made for fleet use. I'm sure if you pestered your local Lincoln dealer he could track down a new one for you.

But I would still test drive a few more DTS models. They really do ride nice. I went from a Towncar to a Grand Cherokee then to a DTS. The DTS was a dream to drive compared to the Jeep. But had I gone from the Town car to the DTS I probably would have had a harder time to adjust. But now that I have had the DTS for a few months, that rental Towncar seemed way too big and ponderous to drive around, especially to park it in todays smaller spots. The CTS is too small, the Towncar too big and the DTS is just right. :)

10-17-10, 07:50 PM
Used to drive a Town Car for work,owned a Grand Marquis(2000)now have a 2006 DTS.I have 44k on my DTS,no squeaks,rattles whatsoever.When I first test drove the Caddy the first thing I noticed right away was the BIG improvement in the suspension of the DTS over the G/Marquis.(granted it was 10 yrs old)I felt I had more control when cornering over the G/Marquis, HartfordGuy said was "ponderous" which is a good description.I bottomed out the Grand Marquis many times on certain parking lot exits around here and damaged the rear bumper cover.In the same parking lots with the DTS,never even came close to doing the same,probably because of the automatic load leveling most likely.Anyway, I was also in your shoes back in the spring and chose the DTS!

10-17-10, 08:47 PM
Thanks for the input guys. The newer town cars ride nice but you can feel the fleet use in them. Seems Lincoln used less sound deadening in them.
I am going to test drive a few more DTSs and if the interior is quieter then the one i tested i think I can adapt to the more controled ride.

10-17-10, 09:25 PM
Thanks for the input guys. The newer town cars ride nice but you can feel the fleet use in them. Seems Lincoln used less sound deadening in them.

I am going to test drive a few more DTSs and if the interior is quieter then the one i tested i think I can adapt to the more controled ride.

I think that would be a wise thing to do...drive some more of them.
I have driven several of them in the last 4 years and I have "NEVER" driven one that squeaks and rattles.

Not saying that some of them don't squeak or rattle...but I have never came across one that did.

My 2006 DTS, with 90,000 miles on it, don't squeak "OR" rattle...not even a little bit...:)

Texas Jim

10-18-10, 01:45 PM
You'll need to factor in how your drive. I rented a 2009 TownCar for a week and my perceptions, relative to my '08 Performance:
TC is bigger on the inside and outside. Boat would be a good word.
TC had plusher feeling seats. BUT my butt and back were sore after 2 hrs driving (little contouring and rather firm seat bottom feel after awhile). I've driven my DTS 13 hours straight, stopping only for gas, and felt great--no back issues at all. You also sit a bit more upright in the DTS than the TC.
TC ride was much softer below 40 mph. But on the highway it felt giggly. Did not like it. Felt much less controlled. As TexasJim said, the DTS feels planted to the pavement on the highway. Much more confidence inspiring.
TC acceleration was pretty good from a standing start. But above 40 mph forget about it. Downshifting created more noise than acceleration. Passing was a bit nerve-racking. The Northstar just starts getting going above 40 mph.
And I had one rather scary event: The brake pedal was so mushy that when I had to come to an unexpectedly rapid stop, the pedal went down so far that my foot hit the accelerator.

If I intended traveling no more than say 50 miles from home, I'd consider a TC. But for any decent road trips, the DTS for sure.