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10-16-10, 01:23 PM
After reading various posts here I went ahead with the replacement of the pressure hose on my 2000 DTS. It had a pinhole in the first rubber part nearest to the pump. This is the third pressure hose on this car. Has 147k miles now.

Sorry no pictures, too greasy to touch the camera.

10mm open end wrench
10mm closed end wrench
1/4" ratchet
7-10" 1/4" extension
1/4" 10mm socket
18mm open end wrench
16mm open end wrench

1. Remove the 2 10mm nuts and the 10mm bold from the coolant tank.
2. Lift coolant tank up and rest on top of engine.
3. Using open end 10mm wrench, remove the 10mm nut from the hose retaining clip on the front of the engine below the cooling tank.
4. Raise car and put on jack stands.
5. Using 10mm closed end wrench remove bold holding clip to middle of subframe assembly. This is very tedious as there is little room. I was only able to turn it a little bit each time but finally got it.
6. Using 18mm open end wrench loosen hose from steering gear on left side rear of engine.
7. Place container under this area.
8. Remove hose from steering gear and let drain into container.
9. Back up top use the 16mm wrench to remove the hose from the pump.
10. From the top and bottom alternatively pull the hose up through the top. Be careful to not catch the clips on any electrical wires.
11. After removed, remove the rubber protective ring from the top area of the hose and retain for future use.
12. Lay the old hose next to the new for reference.
13. For the top clip, bend the tabs and remove the clip from the hose and reinstall on the new hose in the same orientation and bend the clip tabs back into place.
14. Repeat this procedure for the lower clip and the rubber protective ring.
15. Take the new O-rings and coat with power steering fluid.
16. Push new O-rings on each end. Be very careful to not tear the O-Rings. Make sure they are seated all the way on the each end of the hose.
17. From the top, feed the hose down through the same place it came out.
18. Position the top connector over the connection but do not thread it yet.
19. Place the top clip over the bold and install the 10mm nut. This is very difficult so I put the bolt in a 10mm socket and got it started. Use the 10mm wrench to tighten nut but not final tightness.
20. Back under feed the hose through the original location and let it rest in the cradle in the middle of the sub-frame member.
21. Feed the gear end of the hose up to the gear and HAND START the fitting into the gear. Failure to properly do this will strip the threads and cost you lots of $$$$$$.
22. Using the 10mm wrench install the lower clip back to the sub frame cross member. Very tedious but take your time. Do not tighten completely.
23. Using the 18mm wrench open end, tighten the fitting on the gear end. This too is tedious but not that hard to do.
24. Now tighten the clip bolt on the lower clip.
25. Back up top put the top fitting in the pump and hand start the threads. Using the 16,, wrench tighten the fitting.
26. Tighten the 10mm nut on the top clip.
27. Re-fill power steering fluid
28. Start engine and turn wheel several times back and forth.
29. Add more fluid as needed.
30. Back under check carefully for leaks.
31. Back up top check for leaks.
32. Lower car.
33. Top off fluid again.
34. Test drive.
35. Add fluid as needed.

Enjoy. You saved about $400 compared to the dealer doing it.

05-03-11, 12:23 AM
what is the part number of this Hose

05-04-11, 11:35 AM
You can look it up here.
or here