: Min syster måste vara i älska med Jesda. Uff Da!

10-16-10, 11:54 AM
Talk about a Saab story...

So, if anyone recalls from my last thread (the ill-titled "My Sister is Looking For a Cougar"), my sister was on the market for a new car. While she was originally looking at a 2002 Mercury Cougar, the dealer was unpleasant and she decided to take her business elsewhere.

After she sent pictures of her new car to me, it's obvious that my sister must have a crush on Jesda.

Drumroll please.

2001 Saab 9-5

Looks in pretty good shape...



An Interior Shot...

Over all, the car looks in decent shape, though I haven't been able to inspect it personally since she's across the country. She loves it, and I guess that's all that really matters.

If Saab survives the situation they're in now, they may have another convert during the Swedish Revolution. Uff Da!

10-16-10, 01:10 PM
Nice! I rather like the first generation 9-5's. They were a handsome car in that uniquely "Saabish" way and they have a nice interior, a good choice of fairly powerful engines and are sized to comfortably fit four. Does she have the 2.0T or the bigger V6?

10-16-10, 02:16 PM
How many miles?

When GM told Saab to use an Opel platform, they had to modify the B-series turbo 4 to make it fit. This forced them to change the PCV system in a way that caused sludge to accumulate. Wasnt fixed until 2003, I believe. She should find a local Saab tech and see if her PCV system has been updated with the new version.

I might tell her to have a mechanic drop the oil pan and clean the screen just to prevent starvation. And of course, run only full synthetic oil.

On Saabcentral it sounds like the end of the world. When I asked my specialist about it, he said that it was no big deal -- just run synthetic oil, and he said dont bother with the pan drop unless you're paranoid (like I am) or see an oil light. He said it was usually caused by people who went too long between oil changes. *shrug*

Oh, and tell her to immediately shut the car down if she sees an oil light.

The leather in the early 9-5s is really nice. 2001 is supposed to be a pretty desirable year because of some small cosmetic and feature changes.