: Had Enough

10-15-10, 04:15 PM
Need to vent and share. I purchased my 07 Escalade right when they were released in 06 and have had nothing but issues since the first hour. Before I left the lot they had to replace the front seats since the AC was not working and it goes on from there. Door handles falling off in my hand, replaced battery 3 times, reset computer, replaced modules, replaced wheels chrome was peeling, transmission giving problems, dealers response use higher octane fuel, did not fix (who would think) I researched the web and found “Technical Bulletins that the dealership was unaware of. They tore it apart and found bad “valve”. During a long drive the transmission would not shift, locked into single gear, replaced some part and it goes on and on ………..

Requested replacement, GM response let’s give him a 100K warranty for everything and fix current problems. They fixed them alright, this AM I came out and this is the list of issues I gave to the dealer when I finally got it there:
Car went dead; I believe this is the 4th or 5th time since I have had it, got it going, afraid to turn off
• Let it run, went to house, came back to get in, the car had locked me out
• Once in car saw that all of the warning lights on the dash were lit
• No radio/nav etc, No rear camera
• AC was blowing heat with temp set at 61
• Shift indicator light not working
• Car stuck in one gear, 3rd??, unable to manual shift out of it either
• Went to back up (put in reverse) and then put in drive, radio came on….did this twice just to be sure I was not hearing things, then had another person witness this
• I think that is enough to get the general idea of the issues
This is the third time this vehicle has done some, but not all of the things that it has now done. Basically the car is “broke” AGAIN
This is unreal, for all of the time/money GM has in repairs for this thing you all could have replaced the vehicle.
How much money do you all wish to continue to “throw” into this vehicle?
Respectfully request that you notify GM Rep again and get me a new (used) Escalade, similar model similar, low miles etc.

And these are supposed to be the best that GM has.
Thanks for listening

10-15-10, 05:34 PM
sounds like you got a lemon....why have you not taken advantage of your states lemon laws, why not get an attorney? why post on a forum?

10-15-10, 06:03 PM
Lemon Law...get a lawyer today

10-15-10, 07:10 PM
Lemon Law...get a lawyer today

I bought my 07 back in may since then.... I have had a new alternator, ac recharged, transmission re-built. 2 new door handles, new brakes, new battery, new front head lamp due to condensation (that cost me around $800.00) they fixed the key to the driver door. (i couldnt get into my car with the key)
NOW today my engine light came on.... car is getting stuck in N i guess. Having a hard time going once pedal is pushed!! OMG! im about to loose my freaking mind.

What can a attorney really do for me. I did buy an extended warranty so all but headlamp, brakes, ac recharge, door handles were covered. BUT SERIOUSLY!
These are the things wrong but arent fixed.
Dash Cracked
Above glove box (it became loose)
front passenger seat doesnt adjust to less filling.
they repainted the bumper when I bought it and now its chipping again.
adjustable seat 1 and 2 dont work.

10-15-10, 07:23 PM
Does anyone have the 1800 number from the book that i can call. I don't have an owners manual.

Big Windy Ext
10-16-10, 06:10 AM
Its hard to lemon law or do a buy back after the first year or 25,000 miles . I'm not saying its impossible . I have had GM buyback two vehicles without a hassle except the repeated trips to the dealer . It helps to have a good dealership nearby . Basically mine were bought back because they were unsafe , steering and brake issues along with the other parade of problems . I wouldn't have continued buying their vehicles if they didn't step up . I never lost my temper with the people , just the vehicle .

10-16-10, 08:32 AM
try a differenr service center..i had problems with my lade awhile back brought it in like 3 times to caddy near me and they were idiots couldnt fix anything...went to another dealer about 30 min away..ixed it all and then some..been perfect ever since...alot has to do with your service department and how much pot they smoke!!!!!....

10-18-10, 09:25 AM
Car problems suck for sure, I only had an issue with one of my seven Escalade's, and the engine exploded after less than 1000 miles, GM replaced the truck, but beside that my Escalade's have been better in terms of durability than my Range Rovers, BMW's and Benz's. I would contact a lawyer and see what your options are