: Thinking of joining the XLR club

Jim 99 eldo
10-15-10, 11:08 AM
Hello all, I currently have a 99 Eldorado and have been looking at an XLR as a step up. As I have had the normal issues with the N* engine and having performed the H/G stud kit repair myself I would like to get feedback from you all about the reliability and if there are any know major issues with the XLR are there years I would want to stay away from etc, I really know nothing about it except for it being the best looking Cadillac ever. Thank you Jim

ted tcb
10-15-10, 12:44 PM
Hey, Jim, this is one thread I intend to follow.

Like yourself, I've owned lots of Northstars, but am a newbie with the XLR.
I also think the XLR is the best looking Cadillac, if not GM, ever produced.

I won't be able to afford a CPO car, so it will be interesting to see the expenses involved in
operating an XLR outside of warranty.

I have heard its critical to find a dealership with a tech who has been fully trained on the
XLR's roof system, but that's about all.

10-15-10, 02:47 PM
The XLR was equipped with a redesigned N* for inline mounting. I have never heard of an issue with the head gaskets with this improved engine.

I upgraded from a Collector's Edition 2002 Eldorado and have no regrets. The torque steer in the Eldo when you gave it the beans was horrible, but the engine had a nice tuned exhaust note. The XLR when equipped with a Corsa exhaust sounds even better.

As good as this site can sometimes be for XLR info, use Google to see what other sites are available to learn as much as possible about the XLR to make an informed decision before buying. It isn't a cheap car to repair if you don't have a CPO or GMPP warranty. Just one shock absorber is over $800, headlights more than $900 ea.

The more you learn, the happier you'll be with whatever decision you make. The XLR is still one of the best-looking US automobiles on the road, and with it's classic lines, should remain so. It's a Corvette in a tux. The difference is, Corvettes are a dime a dozen. I see a handful of XLRs in a year. Prices are reasonable, but again they're not cheap to maintain unless you have a warranty. Aftermarket warranties abound. Only the GMPP covers the top when the CPO warranty expires. The top is pretty reliable IF it's set up right. Many owners have never had an issue with theirs and some have more than their fair share of issues. Make sure you have a GM dealer run the VIN to see the prior maintenance history BEFORE you plunk down your hard-earned scratch.


10-16-10, 03:51 PM
I took a week and read every single reply on the xlr forum before i bought mine and it really helped. You do not want to learn all of this information on your own after the purchase. Do not get into a big hurry to jump into the first one you find. There are a lot of rough shape ones out there with low miles. The newer one you can afford the better. The later ones have warranty, the 6 speed transmission, the head lights that turn with the steering wheel and the aerial is not on the trunk, but built into the mirrors. Check the wheels, a lot of them have been badly scratched on curbs i assume. Also check the top of the headlight, many are melted on the older ones. Most have the color worn on the drivers seat where you slide into the car. Do not worry about this, the leather restores spray this in minutes and it is back to new. Once you get one, we are very lucky to have ccclarke on line, who helps us with his expert knowledge, through thick and thin.

Jim 99 eldo
10-19-10, 10:21 AM
Thank you for your input, Part of the reason I am wanting an XLR over the Corvette is after driving my Eldorado for sometime and then test driving a Corvette I found the Corvette to be a noisy rattle trap and felt I would be moving backwards purchasing a Corvette I will only purchase and drive American made or badged vehicles. I will continue to keep you all posted with future findings. Thank you! Jim

10-19-10, 03:47 PM
I had a triple black, mint condition, low mileage eldorado also. When i needed the third engine head gasket job, it went to the junk yard, because i did not want to dump the problem on someone else.
I then jumped to the xlr and have loved every minute of it. No matter where you go everyone makes a fuss over it. It does make a little more noise than the eldorado, but not like the corvette. The first thing i did was put silicone on all rubber surfaces and joints. Make sure it is pure silicone jell and not spray. The silicone spray propellant attacks the rubber over time. The only noise i hear now are my creaking seats and i am about to work on that problem.