: 6 Disc CD / DVD Changer not responding / jammed

10-15-10, 02:17 AM
Hey Guys,

I ran into a problem with my 6 disc changer. The unit, which was empty, wouldnt respond (wouldnt accept, eject, display, etc) after the truck was started from a low/dead battery. You could hear the unit running/spinning after the truck was turned off, though. All other functions, dvd, nav, xm, etc all worked fine. I did some digging around and it looks like it's a software problem. I pulled the fuse and it reset and all is well. Just wanted to post it up in case anyone else runs into it. Time to take it to the dealer for the software upgrade.


10-17-10, 12:44 AM
Had same problem with my 2007, though I had a bad DVD player. Could hear it trying to do something after I turned off the engine, also couldn't eject DVD/CD's, later on when I could eject the DVD/CD's still would keep running. Final fix was a new battery cable to the starter (a known problem), a new battery (my service department finally removed the battery gave it a full charge and the next morning found the battery run down, replaced.) and I think a software update. No more problems and its been over a year loving it.