: Help with straight rear dual-exit exhaust!

- Escalade -
10-14-10, 04:18 PM
Hi.. I'm looking for a straight or even better, a dual straight rear exit exhaust system.. I know corsa have one that is a true straight rear exit that does NOT have the bend and exits to the right like most other aftermarket exhausts for the 07+ escalades..

How come the all have the bend to the right? Are the too noisey exiting out the back or what?? I have found several for the earlier generation escalades that have the true rear exits..

I have a Borla exhaust with the bend to the right, but since I live in Denmark/Europe I have to get one that exits out the back.. Over here the exit to the right is not legal due to pedestrians on the sidewalk and other bs lke that :p .

Any info or sugestions would be great.. I can have a mufflershop make a custom exhaust, but I would like to know if it will be too noisey. Just wondering why so few have those kind of exhaust setups really.

Thanks guys :)