: Extended warranty expired and of course now have issue!!!! please help need advice

10-14-10, 03:15 PM
Well i have a 2003 escalade ext with about 92k on it .... while the extended warranty was in effect till about 88k miles the fron diff was rebuilt ... transmission was replaced (recently).. air ride compressor replaced 4 times !! .. and mulitiple other repairs which the warranty was well worth the money spent on it... well the other day I heard a crazy clunking noise underneath the truck took the truck into to my dealer of years and for my parents... told they guy if my warranty is expired u have to help me out here meaning the pricing on repairs... he said he would do what he can... got a rental there ... cobalt lt lol! 4dr... anyways i had told him to check out an issue i had with a message coming up on my dic saying low coolant ... turns out that he called me and told me tha the water pump is leaking and needs to be replaced and my warranty is expired and its gonna cost 550.00 plus tax!!! i said what ?! how is it that expensive he told me hes gonna charge me the vintage labor rate of 90.00 instead of 120.00 an hour and also the part is 180.00 plus 2.1 hours of labor .. so is it me or do those numbers not work out with what he quoted me ??? also the problem i took the truck in for is not happening anymore ??!! i told him we have to take the truck for a test drive before i go home with it because i bet you that problem will occur again... he said he would take care of one day of the rental for me .... i told him that since i m paying for the rental now he needs to get me a better rate for the cAr and not 35.00 a day for the gocart im driving !!! ... well they had to replace the air suspension air compressor cause it was out and was replaced within 12 months or 12k miles recently... in the past i had told them to check out the air shocks cause i thought they were leaking cause i noticed the gangster lean my truck had leaning more towards the driver side in the rear ... back then they said it was just the comressor well it was replaced 3 times under warranty instead of checking the air shocks also !! now he tells me they are both leaking and that is what is causing the air comressor to go out !! I told him listen up i informed you guys to check the air shocks before when you guys replaced the air compressor 3 times !! obviously something was causing the compressor to breaksdown !! he said they cost 1500.00 to replace .... I almost flipped out ! I told him i brought them a ton of business with my truck AND they made a killing and that i couldve taken the truck somewhere else for repairs ! I hookede them up so therefore they should help me out here ... I told him to contact wheelz the ext warranty company i had and to explain the situation and get my shocks replaced cause while my warranty was in effect these shocks were and still are an issue and were not replaced! he said lemme talk to my boss and ill call u back that was almost an hour and a half and i still have not had a call back !

what should i do with this ... i agreed to water pump replacement which will prob cost me 5 to 6 hundred ... im also paying for the rental out of my pocket ... the original problem i took the truck in for is not existent at the moment ??!! the air shocks issue now ! ... god i dont know what to do

anyone out there per chance gm reps or anyone from a dealer with any advice would help I barely make any money anymore after losing 2 of my 3 jobs ! times are rough these days !

Gale Hawkins
10-14-10, 04:09 PM
We just picked up a 2003 base Escalade from the Ford dealer and I went over the GM (servicing dealer) for a history. I could tell the water pump gasket was new looking. The dealer shop had put a new water pump on 15K miles ago at 87K miles. It sounds like maybe these water pumps do not last as long as the vehicles and that I got lucky buying one with a new water pump. $500 sounds like a lot to you run the numbers. Consider getting a new belt to save that future labor because they will be reinstalling the old on as part of the water pump labor bill.

You got lucky getting a lot of new parts so that is a plus. The reason we can buy these old Cadillac's for 15-20 cents on the dollar is because upkeep can be like making car payments. None of this paying out through the nose makes them worth more when we trade either. From this forum it sounds like many just convert them them to Chevy standards by loosing a lot of the bells, etc.

Let us know how it goes.

10-14-10, 06:09 PM
well I just got back from the dealer ... the pump cost me about 520.56 ... the compressor was replaced which the tech who was really cool and went on a test drive with me explained to me that the compressor goes for about 600.00 he told me that one of the shocks have a tear on the bag so the compressor will run constantly if i Load up the back of the truck... he was cool enough to pull the fuse for me at the moment so the compressor doesnt work till i replace the shocks... he was also nice enough to printout the part number for me with a pic of the shock from a part store for a lot less of a cost than the dealer who wanted 1500.00 for labor and parts to replace both ...,. the printout showed 327.00 per shock for monroe specialty ride shocks... i called my friend who owns a part store and told me he can give me the shocks for 270.00 a piece so i guess i got lucky with this .... he also asked me if noticed the clunk in my steering wheel when turning it and i said yes and have been aware of the problem ... i said it is annoying to me even when it might not be to other people .. he had quoted the repair with the updated part in the writeup but my service guy had not mentioned it since he saw i was kinda aggravated with paying for all these repairs.. we went back into service and i told my service rep to go ahead and install the updated intermediate shaft at a cost of 92.00 plus 50.00 for half hour labor ... i have read up on this annoying problem with these trucks and its funny i got it fixed due a tech who was cool as hell for only 148.00... now i have to wait to get the pair of shocks and take them to the dealer and my service rep said he would charge me 100.00 to install the new shocks that i would bring in ... not bad i guess...

hopefully everything stays good with my truck and now i need to see if i can get another extended warranty through wheels at my dealer if its possible and how much it will cost me ...

Ghost Deany
10-14-10, 07:14 PM
If you look around on ebay, you can get a pair of those OEM shocks for $475ish. I don't know how mechanically inclined you are, but you could do the rear air shocks yourself, its just 2 bolts and its pretty easy to do.

10-14-10, 09:20 PM
You got ripped. A water pump isn't going to give you any clunking noises. He was right about the price of the part and the hours of labor to replace it, (however his price on those hours is really high - vintage my ASS!) but I'm guessing you didn't need a new one, and I'm even willing to bet there's a possibility that they didn't even replace the working one. If your water pump was bad, either your truck would overheat or it would leak antifreeze from the front center if the engine. How do I know, because mine went bad. Bottom line, this place is dishonest. Don't give them your business. Go elsewhere.

10-14-10, 09:24 PM
Those Monroes are pretty good, they look identical to the OEM's, and are lifetime warranty. I got mine from an autoparts store and they are indeed cheaper on ebay.

I replaced my water pump this spring. Had been leaking a little for the last year, got tired of the missus complainig of the smell... Cost of parts including thermostat and AC belt was under $200. Not too bad of a job to do. I agree that if you only have the dealership to rely on then ur in for lotsa $$$. And many smaller shops don't like to mess with caddys cuz they are so complicated...

Old Guy
10-14-10, 11:29 PM
and dont get all juiced up about all the work you brought them, it was all warranty... which pays far less than CP(customer pay). That means the mechanic and the shop get less pay for their parts/labor/liability vs. what they would have made with non-warranty work. Warranty work does them only one favor and thats business, period. If they only did warranty work and no cp, they would be out of business in no time.

10-15-10, 08:18 PM
first my truck was stating at least once a week that my coolant was low .... my resoirvoir after checking it was low so therefore there was a leak .... the tech told me that the pump was leaking for sure when i brought it in and i know that the waterpump wouldnt make a clunking noise !! im not an itiot thank u ... the clunking grinding noise i hear i believe are the dust shields ... I purchased new ones at the dealer but didnt feel like doing the job at home because of all the work involved so decided to not replace them and just messed with them with a pair of pliers... bent them a little away from the rotor and the noise stopped back then ... now i believe they are the culprit again i will check that out again tomm during the day .... monroe shocks i think is the way i am gonna go .. my friend who own a parts store will sell them to me for 270.00 a piece .... and old guy lets face it these days business is business and every job or order or purchase is appreciated they have made a pretty penny on my truck... the family who owns this dealership acutally owns wheelz extended warranty inc... so im assuming they are not taking that big of a loss on either end and still making money.... and id rather get the job done at the dealer get the 12 month 12k mile warranty on the part than have some mechanic shop do the job and then deal with bs down the line if the part goes faulty on my again ... been there and no thank you ...

10-16-10, 12:44 PM
Dude save yourself the $100 and change the shocks yourself. Super easy job...especially with this step by step I wrote awhile back! http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-escalade-ext-esv-forum-1999/191150-step-step-replacing-rear-shocks.html Too bad for your troubles at least your getting them taken care of. I need to get mine in for the intermediate shaft replacement....pretty common problem. Though many people dont notice...IE the wife doesnt notic it haha

11-26-10, 07:59 PM
here is my two cents......
#1 Shocks are so darn easy to replace....go for it. Hard to believe you found a mechanic these days that will actually install customer supplied parts.
THATS VERY RARE!!! After al, they make money on the parts they sell you. Sometimes as much as 100% markup. Thats right. Sometimes a wholesale part costs the shop $50, and they charge the full retail, which is sometimes double.
#2 As far as the info on the warranty and the skimming on pricing to the shops.....thats just not the case in my experience.
I had a 39 month extended warranty with my esclade.
Had the fuel pump replaced.
Had the tranny replaced.
Had the rear diff rebuilt.
Had the front diff replaced.
Had the starter replaced.
Had the intermediate shaft replaced.
The shop simply submitted their invoice for the rear BEFORE they did the work for an authorization.
EVERY one was approved for the amount quoted. No exceptions.
I do believe like ALL insurance companies that there are guidelines for part cost, misc costs, labor rates, and labor hours for each repair. Perhaps there are mechanics who think they are brain surgeons with their pricing, and the insurance adjusters need to step in and keep them in check.
Boy am I glad that I had this extended warranty.
Again, olny my two cents.....

11-27-10, 01:26 PM
Arnott makes a good replacement shock. http://www.arnottindustries.com/part_CADILLAC_Air_Suspension_Parts_yid6_pid150_gid 596.html
I had these on my 02 Escalade http://www.arnottindustries.com/part_CADILLAC_Air_Suspension_Parts_yid6_pid77_gid5 03.html