: Anyone with an 07/08 escalade upgrade the instument cluster to the 09/10 cluster????

10-14-10, 12:02 AM
So I have found an 09/10 cluster they look great.... I have yet to buy it and the guy I am getting it from will program the cluster to have my mileage....

I have yet to buy it yet because I want to make sure everything os plug and play and will work...

The supplier says that it will work, but I am still unsure....

Any advice????? anyone do that mod? Let me know

10-14-10, 12:03 AM
Oh and I did do a search on this and could not find anything.... Sorry if it is a duplicate thread....

Hell Hound
11-19-10, 08:03 PM
I know I've seen info about this conversion for 07 Escalade and up. The gauges are a lot better looking. I will search and see if I can get you the link to the info. I was also wondering if this would work for a Denali as well? I've been searching for info and can't find anything.

Hell Hound
11-19-10, 11:58 PM
5th post, so I can post link

Hell Hound
11-19-10, 11:59 PM
Found some info,
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y3NHqIlBfo If they can get it to work in a Silverado, I'm sure you could easily put it in your Escalade or a Denali.

Fastlane 427SS on Youtube

11-20-10, 12:58 AM
help me out here.. why exactly are the new gauges better?

Hell Hound
11-21-10, 12:35 AM
Look at the new cluster compared to the old cluster. Pull up some pictures online. There not really better, I just think they look a lot better. Preference on look I guess. If you look at the video I posted about the fastlane 427SS, It will show the new gauge cluster which they installed on the truck.

11-21-10, 04:37 PM
i have to look at my gauges again but I think they are almost the same.. not sure what the difference is..

11-22-10, 08:09 AM
I dont really see a difference either?

11-22-10, 02:32 PM
Minimal change mostly around the numbers,

Here is a 2011 Dash:

Here is a 2007:

11-22-10, 03:00 PM
whats the price for the 2011 cluster do you know? It does look sharper I think

11-22-10, 07:00 PM
whats the price for the 2011 cluster do you know? It does look sharper I think

They were going for like $500 on ebay

05-09-11, 12:01 PM
I apologize for resurrecting this thread but did anyone do this successfully as in "plug n play"??? How easy is it to remove and swap out the cluster from the dash? So from what I read the mileage has to be programmed into the cluster. Isn't the mileage stored in the vehicle computer somewhere or do we have to pay the dealer to program?


05-09-11, 07:13 PM
IMO, It's not worth the trouble, not much of a change, that is probably why the thread died in the first place. I would probably spend that money towards a new 2001 NAV unit or some other noticeable upgrade. Again, this is only my opinion.

05-09-11, 07:14 PM
meant *2011 Nav unit.

05-09-11, 11:55 PM
I wonder about the legality of it also. I recently imported an Audi TT from the US to Canada and I was told the instrument cluster was untouchable, as that might be considered tempering with the odometer. So I have to live with MPH speedometer with tiny secondary KM/H markings. That said I am sure there is a way it can be done, as these parts may fail and need to be replaced.