: 07 Escalade dashboard rattle

10-13-10, 07:08 PM

My 2007 has a minor rattle noise coming from the dash area, when I am idling in Drive and begin to creep forward i.e waiting at traffic light. It only last for that second between idling and accelaration. I've check the center speaker/intelibeam etc but no luck. Any help/suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.

10-13-10, 09:40 PM
Check the climate control aspirator thing thats above your head and above the window. It looks like a speaker cover/grill, thats probably the culprit.

10-15-10, 09:12 AM
Thanks, I took a look at that and no go, the sound is def coming from the upper dash towards the windshield.

10-15-10, 10:41 AM
Yeah I hear that crap too when my subs are at lower volume. When they're loud, I dont hear the rattle haha

Bugs the crap outta me cuz my cousin has a civic and theres no rattles anywhere when he's bumpin the subs :(

Big Windy Ext
10-16-10, 06:35 AM
I had a dash noise , it would creak when entering my driveway or hit bumps . I found my hood hinge rubbing on the fender . I put tape on it and had it repaired on my last service .This is the passenger side hinge where the blue grease is . I had a hard time seeing it , but look for a little rust in this area . My rattle/groan would go away when it would rain . My dealer couldn't find the noise which prompted me to look for where it was coming from . any rattle or noise drives me nuts . There is a TSB on it which they showed me AFTER I found it.

10-18-10, 07:20 PM
Thanks for all the ideas on how to stop this rattleing, tried all and sure enough started again on the way home. I'm ready to figure out how to remove the upper dash and find it. It appears to be coming somewhere near where the window and dash meet or near the center speaker. I'm determined to find it if I have to rip the entire dash in pieces. Any other suggestions are welcome.