: Still No Luck

10-13-10, 12:49 AM
I brought the car back in june and still have not gotten to drive the car for more then 1 hour....smh....I took it to three shops and realized i had a blown head gasket....so i brought a used engine for about 1000.00 dollars that was suppose to have been tested and was fine. I buy the engine (and i do have a warranty on it) get it put in the car and its still overheating....i am trying to figure out a few things before i take this long drive back to get this engine checked. The car is a 1998 deville

1.) i was told that there was no thermostat in the car...would that cause it to overheat i am in maryland the temp has been about 60-80 degrees lately.

2.) I have green coolant in the car i am not sure which type it is but would that cause the engine to overheat?

those are the only questions i can think of at the moment but i kno i am ready to give up on the car it is nice looking though

10-13-10, 02:48 AM

I don't know what to tell you. Yet, I do know that you've previously posted to the forum before. You have a 98 deville. Unfortunately, 97-99 northstars are the ones must prone to headgasket failure.

Armed with this knowledge, why would you go buy another motor of the same era. Knowing this is the era of most failure. You can't swap in a different year per se'. You have to bite the bullet and fix what you've bought. Buying another motor is is possibly asking for more problems. At least you know what you had. Now, you've got someone else's headache motor.

Question number one. No thermostat. Unlikely to cause it to overheat, actually makes the motor stay too cool. Yet, anything is possible when you start cutting corners instead of fixing the problem. The car wasn't designed to run without a thermostat.

Question number two. Green coolant isn't going to make the car overheat.

You need to face the problem straight in the face.

You have a motor that needs to be repaired correctly IF you truly plan to enjoy it. Either you fix it yourself, send it to Northstarperformance to be studded, or to someone that HAS EXPERIENCE in dealing with northstars. If these were easy motors to repair, I guarantee you, you would have paid a lot more for the car than you did.........

10-13-10, 09:16 AM
in my area i only basically have 2 choices.....Either the Dealership Or Gregs Cadillac service which charges the same as the dealership. 3500.00-4000.00..Which is a whole new car in my opinion. so i tried to go the cheap way and replace the engine after i had already had the old engine head gasket done twice (Which was not done correctly by either of the two shops) so i brought a used engine that was suppose to have been checked to take the easy way out...well i have learned a lot from this situation since now i have put about 3000.00 into the car........... 800 from second mechanic( who i am taking to court to recieve my money back since he didnt complete the job) 1000 for the engine....and 800 to install the engine. i am not looking to do any headgasket repair now since it would be another 4,000 dollars and its not worth it so i am hoping to return this engine and get one that runs without overheating and sell the vehical

10-13-10, 12:05 PM
Naw, you don't have to do that. Don't give up. Pull the engine yourself and send / bring it to me. You'll be looking at under $2,000 if you do some of the work yourself and I guarantee that for 5 years you won't have another head gasket problem. I predict my repairs to last way longer than that, but 5 years is the most I'll warranty engine work for.

Don't give up on a real nice car just because some mechanics don't know how to fix them. Ron (98Eldo), you can't blame the guy for buying an engine that is said to have no issues. If it were true, that would be the easiest and cheapest fix of them all. Having seen a lot of these and knowing the HG failure history, Ron; you and I would never do this. Knowledge is priceless. Had the original poster known more about the HG failure history I'm sure he would have made a different repair decision.

apblilbrandon - since you're relatively new here, welcome aboard; and stick around! This means fix your beautiful Deville (we will help you) and enjoy it along side the rest of us Caddy owners :cool2: :thumbsup:

10-13-10, 12:59 PM
apblilbrandon - I agree with what Jake has to say. 5 1/2 years ago, I also replaced my original engine with blown HG with a used engine - that engine lasted 2 years/23,000 miles, and then that engine suffered the same HG failure. Then I learned about the HG repair here at Cadillac Forums and did the work myself. 2 1/2 years and 19,000 miles later, I still drive my '97 ETC - drove it to work today, in fact.

10-13-10, 01:28 PM
If i can get my used engine to run for 2 years i would be happy i need to check and make sure it is even the head gasket on this engine so i am going to go to autozone and get one of those testers today or 2morrow if the test goes well i am going to send it to the caddy dealer to see what is wrong. If the test goes bad i am going to rent a tow drive it to the place so they can look at it and hopefully replace the engine.....After that i would have no problem sending to jake as i have heard nothing but good things about his stud kit. But for right now i dnt have the money nor transportation to get the engine there or get the repair done.

10-13-10, 01:41 PM
Hi guys,

Jake, I don't blame him for buying another engine. In actuality that's what any "non" experienced northstar person would do. Yet, I have to say that he was smart enough to get some second and third opinions from the shops and here on the forum.

The only problem is he should have researched the issue a bit more. If you punch in head gaskets in the search box in the northstar section you'll get a slew of posts on the topic. That alone would have made me investigate this motor some more....

I know what it's like to be in abplilbrandon's position. You figure you're getting a good deal and the car looks nice and anxious to drive it. So, you say to yourself, "Aww it just needs a little work". Then when you start getting the run around and people start taking your money (that you really don't have to spend like that) the situation turns sour.

Jake and I will tell, If you love the car, (obviously you do) hang in there. It looks bleek at the moment, but it will get better. I know losing the money on repairs that didn't fix the problem is frustrating, but this is a part of life's lessons. Any lessons taught in life, we have to pay our dues, in one form or another.

If I could set up a shop, I'd do these things all day. There are so many people like yourself that need the help with these cars yet have few places to turn to. I enjoy helping people out that truly appreciate it and I'm some what of a perfectionist. I wouldn't give you your car back unless I know I can drive it without worry.

I don't know what your mechanical ability is like abplilbrandon, but you may have to send the motor to Jake or get ready to get your knuckles dirty. If you've never worked on motors before, I advise on sending it to Jake. You've got experienced mechanics intimidated by these motors

98eldo32v (Ron)