: US Auto Protection Extended Warranty

10-12-10, 09:52 PM
Anybody dealt with them? Good, bad, etc. Quoted me $2k for 4 yr 100K mile coverage on an 05 STS 6cyl with 49k currently on the clock. So really looking at 4/50.Platinum Plan which appears to cover most major systems.


10-12-10, 11:00 PM
As extended warranty's go, the $ are reasonable. You want a plan with specified exclusions not specified inclusions. Said another way. I want a plan that covers everything except... (items listed).

On average, that kind of plan will pay out more and more often than ones that cover this bit, that bit and such. You want anything not specifically mentioned to be covered. (They can't know how much these cars really have.)

Do not accept a plan that excludes electronics of any variety. There are some great websites; most are reliable.

10-13-10, 12:08 AM
I've been in the market for a warranty myself.

These are the quotes I've gotten:

2005 V6 76k miles

Plan, Time/Mileage Exp, Deductible, Total, Payments 18m/12m

AUL Used Vehicle Reserve AUU3 36 mo. 36,000 mi. 100 4285 286 / 190
AUL Used Vehicle Estate AUU3 36 mo. 36,000 mi. 100 2975 198 / 132

I was referred to them by GMPP.

10-13-10, 09:45 PM
After closer scrutiny and conversation the actual policy is an exclusionary one provided by GoldKey. The price seems right for the coverage and there is no deductible.

10-14-10, 01:35 AM
After market warranty contracts can be pretty scary. Any warranty repair needs to be authorized by the issuer before the repair or it will not be covered. The repair shop or the owner makes the call and if the phones don't get answered, you don't have authorization. There are also a few scam outfits out there that are constantly being sued for damages. Makes sense to spend a little more upfront at the GM dealer and get a warranty you wont lose any sleep over. BTW, Dealers are somewhat flexible on their rates since there is approx. a 100% markup on these warranties. Also shop from dealer to dealer for a better price even if they are out of the area or state. Does not matter where you buy it, any GM dealer will honor it.

10-14-10, 08:31 AM
There is a HUGE difference in Service Contracts, not only in the wording of what is covered but also in the wording of what is a failure/breakdown. You also want to look at who is standing behind the Service Contract, usually an insurance company but sometimes what is known as RRG or Risk Retention Group.

The biggest difference between a RRG and an Insurance Company is oversight by a government body, an Insurance Company is regulated by each State, an RRG is only regulated by one State. There are some other important factors as well. Let me just say this, I myself would only do business with a Serice Contract that was backed by an A rated Insurance Company.

Within the definition of a breakdown/failure you want to see that wear and tear is covered, the phrase that refers to a part being considered failed when it falls outside manufacturers specifications is what you want. For example; a good plan will pay to replace a balljoint that has worn beyond tolerences, a bad plan will not because it has not "broken".

Be careful, you will probably get what you pay for, if you seek out the bargain it might turn out to be too good to be true.

In addition to selling the Galaxy 1000 I provide auto dealers with Service Contracts and other Insurance/Financial related products. I do not sell those products to the public, I simply want to try to give some solid advice out here.


10-14-10, 10:15 AM
You can also purchase an extended warranty from the instituion where you secured your finance.

10-14-10, 10:27 PM
In my humble opinion:

Established Warranty Plans (usually offered through dealers)
Insurance/Finance Plans
TV/Internet hucksters