View Full Version : Recirculation Door Actuator (2000 Escalade)

10-12-10, 08:32 PM
I am having an issue with the recirculation door in my hvac system. When I have recirc on, the door or flap doesn't close all the way, still sucking in outside air along with the inside air. I can also hear some wind buffeting at highway speed.
I did some investigating, and when recirc is on, i watched the flap partially open, but I can press it up farther after it stops. I assume this is the actuator motor on the flap and replacing the actuator would solve the issue. Also, if that is the case, any suggestions on getting to the actuator would be helpful. It is up there and there is of course a screw way up and out of sight.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.