: cd player wont respond cd light is blue

10-11-10, 06:54 PM
I recently took my car in for an oil change, the technician decided to listen to the radio while he was working and killed the battery. Not sure if it is related but every since the "cd" page/option/button on my radio (with navigation) is blue and will not respond. wont eject, or play. Any ideas?

10-11-10, 07:57 PM
how long ago was this? if not that long, take it right back... the longer you wait the less likely they are to fix their mistake

10-11-10, 08:12 PM
Unhook the battery cables for 20 minutes, it should reset the radio/nav...you should be fine after that

10-12-10, 10:36 AM
Unhooking the battery won't do it....mine been stuck for close to 3 months now..... don't mind it much cuz I got the CostalTech ipod hook up and never really use the cd anyway, but would be nice to know if there's a way of resetting it from the deck itself....

10-12-10, 01:01 PM
i would think that you might need a new radio... dealers don't really do much besides install and program... the repair of radios is done by the Electronic Service Centers (ESCs) like Specmo, United Radio, and Modern Electronics (to name just a few).

If the cd player won't play or eject then there's a problem with the player itself (probably mechanical). It is probably a coincidence that this happened after your oil change at the dealership. If you don't have that many miles on your truck then you should still be under warranty and can get this taken care of very easily (and at no cost).

If you're not under warranty and the dealer who you believe messed it up won't fix it for you at a reasonable price then maybe just letting it be could be the best thing to do (since you don't use the cd player anyways)