: Halfords/Nationwide AutoCentres Service Report

10-11-10, 06:14 PM
Just thought I would share my experience of Halfords/Nationwide AutoCentres. After reading some online reviews about these places I was a bit apprehensive about handing my keys over but I shouldn't have been.

Major Service including all filters (except pollen), brake fluid drained and replaced, coolant replaced and refilled with coolant and 33% Antifreeze. All usual points checked and greased. Oil changed. worked out a 186 quid including AA discount but without this it was only 229. Cadillac wanted approx 500 quid for same job. All in all 72 point service. Cant go wrong.

Also they phoned me part way through to update on progress. Also explained that my discs were ok but needed replacing in a few months and that front pads were 50% worn and rear 60% worn. Didn't try to sell me anything or add anything else to the bill. Just advised. I found this really informative and helpful. Gave me a quote of 169 quid to do the rear pads and discs but will just do them myself.

This was in the Middlesborough branch. Would definitely recommend.

10-12-10, 07:28 AM
interesting, might be worth doing that myself on next service£40 discount is good.

10-13-10, 03:51 PM
Yes, as I will soon be coming up to my first service, this is interesting information Bigcul1. I would not have thought of using Halfords/Nationwide. I was planning on Saab in Reading, but when my wife approached them to ask about software updates for things like the ECU a few weeks ago they were very unhelpful and disinterested. Other posters on here have mentioned software updates and things like getting automatic door locking set when car moves off, so I had been hoping that the Saab dealer & Cadillac service centre would have been interested in getting our business but the opposite was true.

10-13-10, 04:39 PM
Is SAAB in Reading a Cadillac Authorised Service centre? If not I suspect the lack of interest was due to them not having the Cadillac settings on their TECH2 diagnostic machine. This would relate to software updates etc. I contacted Alexander Saab in Teeside and their response was that they wouldn't touch my car even servicing due to this issue. The only places I know to have Cadillac TECH2 are the authorised dealerships or service centres such as BM at Manchester, Stratstone Nottingham, Birmingham and London.

This is the price list for Nationwide Auto Centre for a 1.9TD Cadillac BLS:

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12-Point Winter Inspection Info on 12-Point Winter Inspection
Free 15 Point Check Info on Free 15 Point Check
Duxback Windscreen Treatment Info on Duxback Windscreen Treatment
Tyres Info on Tyres
Wheel Alignment Info on Wheel Alignment
Diagnostic Check Info on Diagnostic Check

You also get AA discount if your a member. Think I got my price a little wrong on my first post but after discount I paid 186.00 for a major service so its a saving of 23.00 not 40.00.