: Headlight wiring pinout/pictures?

10-11-10, 12:10 AM
First, please be gentle-I'm a newbie. I am getting ready to pull the bumper on my 07 STS and do an OEM HID conversion. (not interested in going aftermarket-just picky I guess) Trust me when I say I have done some serious searching, and read a couple of threads from successful installs...but does anyone have the pinout/diagram, or even pics of the two different harnesses on the halogen and HID headlights?

I'd like to know what I'm up against as far as how many wires, colors, etc. I had read you need to "move" pins, but would like to see more info. on that. Sorry-I'm visual. If someone has this info, or pics of the actual pins and what needs to be changed/moved, I would greatly appreciate it! Eric

10-11-10, 08:38 PM
I haven't done it so I'm basically worthless to you except to offer the idea of searching the forum. Play with the search function for 10 minutes and you'll find some nice threads. A bunch of members have contributed.

Thanks to Sal for the upgrade. I think it's a lot better. That's why I pony up the $.

Money talks, BS walks.

PS Sal, if you see this, ask your software vendor about the line-wrap-duplicate-word issue. :)

10-11-10, 08:52 PM
also, try the custom google search plugin i made the other day
you can install it by going here
chrome users will have to pick a 'keyword' since there's not a separate search bar in chrome

10-11-10, 09:49 PM
Thanks for the info! I'll continue my search....