: Ball bearings, pulleys, and grease

10-10-10, 03:52 PM
Here's a bit of "Heads Up !!!". Went out at noon to "warm up" the car so I could check the transmission level. :sneaky: Used my favorite rural road straight.........came home, popped the hood - transmission fluid OK.......but I heard a different clicking near the throttlebody. Got the stethoscope and - You guessed it - water pump tensioner pulley noise.

Here's the pulley at 56,150 miles. (I removed the grease seals for the race) Notice that the grease (?) is black and that the edge of the inner pulley shoulder is chipped: the pulley itself is loose and wobbling.

Had a spare on the shelf, so 1.5 hours later, back in business.

10-10-10, 04:59 PM
Good catch, Sub! I didn't catch my failing pulley in time, and had to do a parking lot swap (wife brought my tools, and got the part from NAPA, which was 5 miles away). Temp gauge almost pegged, had to change out the engine oil, but didn't trigger camel mode. No overheating problems since, which I think is a testament to the effectiveness of Jake's head stud kit (installed in January, pulley failed in August, no problems since).