View Full Version : Had my new tires mounted since I got lift.. Had 1 small problem...

10-10-10, 03:19 AM
Well.. I got my 35inch tires and though everything was going to stay the same but found out the hard way it wouldnt.. Brought the tires to a chain shop to get mounted and balanced.. Took them 2 hours to get them on but they did it.. Problem came when they took it off the lift.. You couldn't turn the wheel without hitting hte bumper and running board.. Tire tech comes over and tells me the bad news.. They close in 1 hour and they cant put the old tires back on because it will take too long.. Second problem is that they cant help cut the bumper or anything to make it driveable.. So my 2 options are A) have it towed or option B.. Do it myself.. Guy hands me the tools and safety goggles and says good luck.. I hacked the bumper up a little bit.. Needs professional touch up to make it smooth and nice.. As for the running boards.. Well those got unbolted and thrown in the bed lol.. I must say it doesnt look all that bad wihtout them.. I had guys watching that said how much the truck actually looked like a TRUCK wihtout them.. Only problem is my girl who is like 5'3-5'4 has a really hard time climbing in without them so I am going to try and see about gettign power runnign boards or the nerf bars or something.. Anyway.. Here are a few pics...

Hack Job:


10-10-10, 01:25 PM
What kind of lift is in there? Is it an awd like the regular escalade? Any vibration with the lift? Looks pretty good. Almost look like the same rims I have.

10-10-10, 04:02 PM
You're right, it looks like a pick-up truck now.

10-10-10, 04:26 PM
Lookin' good! Not at all what I expected to see after reading liftkit!

10-10-10, 06:15 PM
The lift is a BDS 6 inch lift kit... The truck is AWD... As far as vibrations go.. you don't notice any vibrations under 40mph.. from 40-80 it seems as though you hear hte vibrations more then feel it and it comes and goes.. only happens when you let off the gas though.. if you give it gas it stops.. somestimes it sounds like its skipping.. like vib-vib-vib-pauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-vib-vibbbbbbbbb-vib-pause.. etc... once you get from 80-100mph it doesnt really matter what you do.. if your giving it gas or just let it roll the vib will come as it pleases.. i already talked with the shop and we are having a new driveshaft put in that is supposed to fix all that.. we were trying it out without having the new driveshaft put in but it looks as though I will be going with a new one..

Also in all fairness the EXT is a pickup lol.. but i think what i meant was that people look at it like its a real truck if that even makes any more sense lol... hard to explain.. i guess when moste people think of having a truck (or at least i do) you think off road looking or agressive looking... stock the caddy isnt what most people consider a truck with that nice agressive look.. i always liked hte look of lifted trucks and off road style tires and whatnot.. most people lower it (which i did) but its become so played out now.. i wanted something different and when i saw all the companies making lift kits i jumped on it.. have gotten nothing but compliments on the truck so far... so im happy..

10-11-10, 10:33 AM
truck looks good!!!!

Now that it's home, take some time and smooth up that cut.