: 2010 Gas Mileage

10-10-10, 12:41 AM
I now have 3300 miles on my ESV and I'm averaging 14.5 MPG, which is about 75% freeway driving. I just made a 400 mile freeway trip and averaged 14.8, going between 75-80. I was expecting slightly better MPG especially with the cylinder deactivation (at least 18 on freeway traveling with the cadillac claims of 20 mpg).

Also, I don't use the onboard computer, my mileage is always hand calculated.

Is anyone seeing their MPG's getting better as the engine ages?

10-10-10, 08:34 AM
well if you set the mileage based on Highway only then you should be seeing 18+/-.. if you drive in a combo city and hwy you will see those numbers.. I just took a trip with my truck about 100 miles hwy only and it did about 19 (07 CAI and Predator).. but the minute I hit the city my average is about 14-15.. 12-13 if I get on it to much.. Also wind comes into effect.. if it is a windy day and you are fighting the wind then 14 to 15 is about right with my truck as well.. one more thing.. road variables was the drive hilly or did you go through mountains.. you are right in the ball park if the roads were not reasonably level!.. I was on a relatively flat drive yesterday so that is where my 19 MPG came in!

10-10-10, 03:54 PM
My 2007 ESV averages 12 on my commute, which is a 15 mile mix of city and highway with traffic.

- Mark