View Full Version : No windows, locks or lights

10-09-10, 11:13 PM
hey everyone i have a 99 sts with some electrical issues. The problem started a few months ago, when i would push the unlock button, my seat would move and when i would try to put down the driver side window, the passenger side would go down and occasionally the moonroof would not open or close also. This went on for a few months but i didnt really think to much of it cause when i would turn the car off and restarted it all would start working properly again.

Two days ago my passenger side window stopped working for good and so did my drivers door lock button. Today all my windows/door locks/moonroof/and interior lights, i stopped and restarted the car and they worked again. It happened again a few hours later but never came back. ive searched for broken/loose connections in the door and under the seat. i swapped the circuit breakers and checked all fuses. My first thoughts was the drivers door module but would that effect the moonroof and interior lights? is there a common ground? Where should i be looking?

I dont know if this could this but today i checked my abs connection at the right front wheel and noticed the abs connection was severed so i spliced them back together... no more abs/service stabilty lights but that is when this mess started. coincidence?

10-09-10, 11:45 PM
I am also getting codes U1170 and 1652