: I had a burning smell coming through the vents at times. ( long)

10-09-10, 05:42 PM
I have a 06 LUX III and lately have smelled something like a oil burn coming through the vents, but not all the times. I bought the car in Dec. of 09. The dealer sold me a AUL service repair contract when I bought the car ,that covers alot of things. I took the car this past Thursday to local dealer to have the oil changed and to see what he could find. when he got done it was almost $4,000 to repair. I think he said the valve cover, oil pan and transmission line were leaking. He also said the motor will have to come out to fix. I said I would like to see it in the air. when i looked under the car, it had fluid all under by the crossbar , like he had dabbed oil or tranny fluid up their. I had never had one drop of oil on my gargae floor, since I bought the car. Today I wiped underneath then drove on xway for 2 hr. to make leak. I did see a few drops of oil from motor but nones made it to ground. Also some red or brown drops on that crossbar again in area of rack. AUL does not cover any hose or lines, so I want to get this right the first time. AUL is sending a guy out the check my car at the dealer on Monday. The guy that checked my car I don't trust ,because he did my boss, the same way $3,500, until I went down and all she needed was power steering lines in her STS, which I could see alot easier then mines. $565:00 and no more problems since for her. Do they take the motor and tranny out together? I stuck my finger in the power steering resivior and it looked the same as whats leaking crossbar underneath car. I got a bad feeling about this.
Any input would be great ,Thanks

10-10-10, 12:00 PM
Can't you take it to another dealer?

10-10-10, 07:35 PM
This is my 5th caddy and I have never bought or let my local dealer service my cars and they are a five minute drive from my house. The dealer I bought my car from is about 35 mile away. I think I will let the inspector come, then maybe go back to were I bought it. I just don't trust them and never will.

10-12-10, 10:21 AM
A hot engine will certainly burn off some oil leaks before they ever drip onto your garage floor. That is why you got an intermittant smell in the car. Sometimes wet areas on the engine or various cradles or parts can be deceiving as fluids can run all over when driving around. So the leak could be forward of where you see the spot.

Obviously when hit with a high repair cost the best bet is to get a second opinion. Unfortunately service departments and repair shop only make money when they find things wrong. And in a bad economy some get a little hungry if you know what I mean.

10-13-10, 09:25 PM
The guy from my warranty company met me at the dealer yesterday to inspect my car. They let me walk and look while inspection was going on. The inspector did find a oil leak from the oil pan, valve cover and I think somewhere else from motor. However he did not find any transmission lines leaking. He also also told them the rack was the leaking. Everything he said, is what I told them prior. I had checked the car myself and talked to the sevice consultant , everyday since they checked the car. The major problem was the rack and the Tech never even found the problem. The service consultant was amazed, how this same tech could be so wrong again and I was right again . I told them not to let that guy near my car if i decide to let you guys do the work. They agreed to have one of their best tech on the job , if i decided to get the car done there. I told them i will be poping up unexpected to check.

10-24-10, 11:44 AM
Well , The DTS goes in shop tomorrow for them to pull motor and replace the rack.

The gaskets being fixed are rear valve cover, timing cover, rear main,oil manifold and lower crankcase reseal with rtv. also reman rack. The rack was the major problem I smelt buring at times. I'm not real crazy about having my motor being pulled out. The oil leaks were minor and I never got one drop on garage floor, when parked.
The cost is almost $4,000 dollars. I have a $100 deductable.
I'll kept you updated.

11-01-10, 01:30 PM
Dealer put their top tech to work on my car. They called me to come and take a look at the motor once it was out. He found more small leaks and fixed all. They replaced all gaskets and also had to take apart motor to get to that upper oil pan plate. They replaced the rack ... They let me stop by anytime and took me to the bay to see how it was going. They knew I was uneasy about having my motor removed, so they went out thier way to make me feel at ease. I never thought I would say this, but my local dealer was great!

11-03-10, 02:25 AM
Are you using Mobil one? I know on some of the DTS rentals I have had, I have had some tire smoke come thru the vents, but that's a whole differant smell hehehe!