View Full Version : Is your 93 Brougham alarm going off? Here's the answer NOT found in the manual

10-09-10, 03:20 AM
I was having the same problem as a lot of people posting in here with my alarm, door locks, and interior lights. My alarm would go off every few hours especially when it was cold, rainy, or very humid out. Then after awhile I had the interior lights stuck on or flickering while driving and the automatic doors locking and unlocking by themself whenever I hit the brake. I drove myself crazy trying to get to the miniwedge switches, spraying WD-40 in the latches and cleaning the connectors. I read a few good tips in here such as disconnecting the lock cylinder retainer connections and that seems to have been the answer for a few people on here. I thought that fixed my problem also but then a few hours later the alarm went off again and the interior lights stuck on. After cruising the internet for a few hours looking for an answer I saw one person say to check the spring loaded trunk switch (I later wish I could remember who it was and what page I was on because I'd like to give credit where credit is due). Because I have the official technical manual for my 93 I had no idea what he was talking about because there was no security trunk switch listed in any of the wiring diagrams or chapters ANYWHERE in the manual period. I popped the trunk and looked behind the lock cylinder and sure enough there it was. A factory trunk security sensor, mounted on a long spring mount with a cable running through it to the back of the lock cylinder assembly, designed so that if anyone tried to pop out the cylinder the cable would pull and trigger the switch. The connection and switch housing had an obvious green layer of corrosion and I simply disconnected it. I have since had no problem with the alarm going off for no reason and draining the battery, it still works as it should if the doors are open without a key, all interior lights and door locks work as they should also. So if you are having this problem and you've done everything else just look for the mystery trunk security sensor and disconnect it.