: Gotta Love Sears lol...

10-08-10, 04:21 PM
So I got my new tires in and figured I would call Sears to see how much to mount and balance.. The quote I recieved was 15.99/each to put the tire on the wheel and balance.. 13.00/each to take the wheel with new tire mounted and put it back on the car.. and 3.99/each for new valve stems.. I asked if they were open till 7pm tonight and she said yes but started laughing saying that I would have to get there early in the morning because the tires are bigger then normal tires.. I mean is it just me or does ti really take that long??? I mean 2.5 hours seems more then enough to mount and balance some tires.. the price was also a little high.. i mean 13 just to put the wheel back on the car is kinda ridiculous.. i know they have to charge but really.. they use air tools and to put the wheel back on will take maybe 2 minutes each.. but whatever.. apparently they need an 8hr day to mount and balance.. i guess ill be waiting another day to get these babies put on...

10-08-10, 06:11 PM
you can find a good tire shop that will mount and balance all 4 for around $10 a tire... i know walmart mounts and balances for $5-10 per tire (only new tires), but its walmart so be careful

Ghost Deany
10-08-10, 08:31 PM
Its not a 2 minute thing. I went to school for automotive and believe me, mounting the tires isn't a 2 second job. You have to account for not scratching the customers wheel etc. Its a big pain in the ass.

Old Guy
10-09-10, 09:46 AM
discount tire, faster, better equiped, less money

10-09-10, 10:12 AM
i went to sears here one day with a friend (it was sunday i think or we would have come to my shop) and they had a lot of business ... we waited about a half hour before someone even talked to us (we were about 5th in line)
granted that was a sunday and they were shorthanded so it's understandable that it would take longer to get cars in and get them out