: Marblehead Grey 96 FWB

10-07-10, 11:49 PM
I am seriously considering buying this car.

Is it a rare color?

what should i pay ?

comments, suggestions appreciated!


10-07-10, 11:56 PM
That is one gorgeous car. If it's a real V4P tow package car, that's pretty sweet.

10-07-10, 11:58 PM
yes i confirmed the V4P

10-07-10, 11:59 PM
Whoa, that's awesome! Probably one of the nicest '96 FWB's in the state, and only 10 minutes from me (I'm in Eagan).

The color combination is not rare, but the options are, especially the V4P, and you won't find many with this low of mileage and in this good of condition. So it's worth a lot. Maybe not $8,500, but atleast $6,000.

10-08-10, 12:04 AM
I am playing email tag with the seller , it is frustrating.....i have cash monies!

10-08-10, 12:05 AM
Nice car. Too much in my opinion but I'm cheap. I could see that car going for 8k to the right person but not in mpls. I don't think it will sell soon but you never know.

10-08-10, 04:06 AM
Thats one nice FWB. I still can't believe how much money these Caddys pull in. the mileage is really low, and the asking price is not bad at all considering the year and condition that the car is in.

10-08-10, 05:24 AM
Rare color or not, that's a beauty. If there was 8.5K gracing my pocketbook, would have sent the $$ by now. As mentioned above, the options + condition make it one outstanding Caddy! :thumbsup:

10-08-10, 07:42 AM
looks like my '95! same color! :D

10-08-10, 02:16 PM
Yea I have seen that one too when it came out on CL... Very nice car.. The color is Fawn Grey. My past Caprice 1996 (sold) was Marblehead Granite Grey or something like that. We need to all go cruising next spring, MN guys. lol.

10-08-10, 02:20 PM
IIRC Marblehead metallic and Fawn Grey are the same color, just one has the good ol' special Cadillac name.

10-08-10, 02:22 PM
I ran the VIN and it spit this out - PRIMARY COLOR EXTERIOR, MARBLEHEAD GRAY MET(95) (03U)

The seller wont return my email , i sent him my phone number ....wont call me ..... guess he doesnt want my money ...oh well !!

10-08-10, 02:27 PM
beautiful car but i think 8k is too much. check this one out i found on ebay last night. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/VERY-NICE-1995-Fleetwood-59K-miles-1-owner-FLA-Car-/330481269614?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item4cf237fb6e i love this color reminds me of the greenish color 94-96 Impala SS's came in

10-08-10, 02:29 PM
I guess the two could be the same, but your (Hope to be) 96FWB looks a bit redder. My 96 Caprice code is: U9924 which I was told on the Impala SS forum to be Marblehead Grey Met. Who knows..both are nice.

10-08-10, 02:38 PM
Mine looks same color as the one posted and it is marblehead gray metallic per the vin #

10-08-10, 03:58 PM
Doug99, you PM box is full so i'll just reply here:

i'm glad everything's cool with your suspension... and if you could put a quick testimonial (or just copy/paste your PM) into our new forum section that would be cool too


10-08-10, 04:22 PM
Thanks Chris! Testimonial posted , car rides like new.

10-08-10, 04:40 PM
much appreciated

10-08-10, 04:42 PM

I want it! :(

10-08-10, 11:14 PM
I always get 20+ mpg on the highway with my 94 and 95 fleetwood and FWB.. My son always got much less with his 94 fleetwood... come to find out he had a towing package with a lower gear rear end... So a towing package is only good if you use it...

10-09-10, 08:28 AM
Yea I have seen that one too when it came out on CL... Very nice car.. The color is Fawn Grey. My past Caprice 1996 (sold) was Marblehead Granite Grey or something like that. We need to all go cruising next spring, MN guys. lol.

Fawn Grey is what Cadillac's official name for that color was on the '95 FWB. I just checked my '95 Cadillac brochure. The same color was referred to as "granite" on the 95-96 Caprices according to my brochures.

10-09-10, 09:11 AM
yeah marketing/sales likes to change the names of the colors around to make them seem more appealing to the indented buyer/market (i guess)

we run in to this a lot getting touch up paint for customers... about half of the time the touch up paint color name is different than what the car was sold as

10-10-10, 01:04 PM
What a sharp ride, vinyl delete is reasonable

10-10-10, 07:01 PM
Vinyl delete on a FWB is the best looking B/D body car EVER. I want one soooooooo badly.

10-11-10, 03:10 PM
The seller never got back to me , I will look for another FWB in the spring. I was just going to park it for the winter anyways and drive my deville......