View Full Version : New Member Needs your help. 2006 ESV Instrument cluster acting up??

Sheila's Caddy
10-07-10, 08:52 PM
:confused::confused:I'm glad I found this site, looks like a lot of knowledge here. I really need your help, Instrument Panel acting up?? I have a 2006 ESV. While Driving home tonight all the gauges went to zero, the battery light is staying on, the aribag light is on and the EBS light is on. The engine was still running, tach worked and speedo worked. The radio went out and the key fob will not lock the doors. After turning off the engine, it still starts with no issues and once started nothing else works. I also noticed a clicking noise now when I first turn the key that I had never noticed before. Any ideas as to what my problem might be. Thank you.

10-07-10, 09:36 PM
you might fall under the 'special coverage' for clusters in trucks
call your dealer with your VIN and mileage and they can check for you
sounds like the issue that the special coverage is covering

10-11-10, 02:52 AM
check out some of the replies on this thread