: Klasse

10-07-10, 04:17 PM
Has anyone used Klasse All-in-One?

"Versatile All-in-One removes: oxidized paint, old wax, tar, tree sap, gasoline stains and bugs so you can throw out your old rubbing compound, polishing compound, bug and tar remover, plastic cleaner, chrome and metal polish, glass cleaner, fiberglass cleaner and paste wax! Leaves a shimmering shine that shields against salt, UV rays and acid rain for 6 months. Use High-Gloss Sealant Glaze after All-in-One to apply an additional protective layer that endures for 9-12 months in the harshest climate. Imparts a brilliant, deep acrylic shine that makes waxes look dull, yet still lets your paint breathe!":cool:

10-08-10, 07:21 AM
I have used it.. It's not bad, but you You have to have a clean car before you use it. ( same with any polish )

Clean and clay and get the sap and bugs off first. The sealer can be a little hard to work with.. I rather use Sonus now instead of Klasse.. I use the polish, sealer and spray. The spray can help with removing the sealer if it is hard coming off, and works nice as a quick cleanup after a wash.

Also depends on what color you have.. Wife's blue sts I can only use Sonus.. It's the only thing that really makes it look great quickly. My white sts.. Anything works.

I also use it with Ultimate detailer machine.. ( porter cable like DA )