: Anyone have the 2011 Nav Disc 20945286

10-07-10, 11:32 AM
I just noticed there is a new navigation disc out. Any major Changes? I know the 2010 had some issues. pm me if you can get me good price on one. Thanks.


10-07-10, 12:30 PM
This just came out, I will have it in 5-10 days. Don't know if anyone else already has it, I would be interested in knowing what the changes are.

10-07-10, 03:51 PM
I too am looking for this disc and wondering when it was updated? I live in Vancouver Canada and we have added lots of new roads and bridges

10-07-10, 04:40 PM
Interesting... I wonder too, if there are any significant changes from my 09 to warrant me purchasing this?

10-12-10, 09:29 PM
So, I got the disk today in the mail. The installation was very easy, there is nothing to do, just take the old one out and put the new one in, it has four progress bars that let you know when it's done.

Now, I have not driven around much to notice any difference, I guess I will find out more about it in the next few days. So far the only new things I have notice is a larger selection of POI.

The version is 9.3

10-12-10, 11:00 PM
Some of you have PM'd me. However, since I am fairly new, I can't PM back. You may use email deleted by Rolex.

10-13-10, 05:03 PM
I would like to know as well if there are any major changes. I have the 09 disc and find it not that bad.

10-13-10, 05:41 PM
That will depend on where you live and if there has been a lot of changes. I am in San Antonio, TX and so far I have seen very updated information from my previous 07 version 1. It has an onramp/offramp to 410 that is still under construction. The POI's are current and I see some new icons. Other than that it's the same. If you are happy with the 09 and there has not been much construction in your area, it might not be worth the $.

10-13-10, 05:58 PM
I believe some would be wondering on the routing issues they were having in the past. The older version would take you on a crazy expedition or take a longer route than needed.

10-13-10, 06:19 PM
Right, I know that issue happened to me, so I am taking the family on a road trip this weekend. Of course they will not know the true purpose of the outing ;). I will post my experience next week.

BTW, if anyone is familiar with burning backups of the nav disk, shoot me an e-mail, I am having issues getting the backup disk to work. email deleted by Rolex.

10-13-10, 07:14 PM
I believe some would be wondering on the routing issues they were having in the past. The older version would take you on a crazy expedition or take a longer route than needed.

I don't think my '07 nav has given me one single error free route to date. I basically need to have some idea of where I'm going and just use it as a prompt.

10-13-10, 09:56 PM
Talk about frustration with the Escalade Navigation system.......


10-13-10, 11:36 PM
if for some reason there's a way-point entered in the system it will do very weird routes... someone recently had frustrations with this...
they had cleared their way-points but someone one didn't clear... they finally figured that out and cleared the way-point and their directions were good again

although i do feel your pain - i'm of the opinion that turn-by-turn directions are not a good thing and like to just have a map so you can know where you are
i guess that might make me old school, but it's just that all the turn by turns seem lacking - the only one close is the google navigation on android phones and devices but alas i'm tied to an iphone and we'll probably never get google navigation

10-15-10, 12:06 PM
Thanks for the info, glad it's working good for you! Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and order me one...

10-15-10, 12:58 PM
how do you find out if their is a way-point entered and clear it out?

10-15-10, 01:11 PM
You can disconnect the unit from the back, or disconnect the battery.

10-16-10, 08:31 PM
I don't know if this is new from other years, I previously had my original version 1 2007 disk. I notice with this one while navigating there are a lot more 3D features, exits etc. They look much better and it makes the screen look very nice. I am liking the 2011 update CD :). While navigating downtown San Antonio, it also got the directions right, before the same routing would take me in circles, one more thing, when re-routing it seems more responsive, it updates the routing quicker than before.

10-17-10, 09:14 PM
What's the best place to get a deal on the OVERPRICED GM disk?

10-17-10, 10:17 PM
only place you can get a new disc is from the navdisc center - i assume people will sell them on ebay too, but most on ebay will be of an older year (old map updates)

10-18-10, 08:41 AM
Even the ebay ones are way overpriced. Perhaps I can help with the 2011 nav disk, e-mail email deleted by Rolex.

10-19-10, 11:55 AM
Even the ebay ones are way overpriced. Perhaps I can help with the 2011 nav disk, e-mail DELETED

We're done here. Selling illegal copies of navigation discs is a crime. I have said before anyone found doing this will be banned and I will personally send their name, email address, and IP address to the FBI's cyber crime website.


Selling pirated software is a crime:


The NET Act makes it illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted works, such as software programs and musical recordings, even if the defendant acts without a commercial purpose or for private financial gain.

"The term 'financial gain' includes receipt, or expectation of receipt, of anything of value, including the receipt of other copyrighted works.'.