: Jump started my 05 now no low beams and a high beam out.

10-07-10, 10:30 AM
Sorry just getting the hang ofthis new app andthe new phone.

As stated above. So the dealer foundthe short under. The steering. Column. Pinch wire that was blowing the ignition fuse. He stated that while jumping thetruck I blew both hidlow beam lights.

My? Is isn't the ballast supposed to controll the amount of power goingto the ignitor?
And I have talked with a couple of hid guys and they said that if is would be rare if I blew the hide.

Any thoughts would be great. And yes I did search.

Ifound new hide for about 100 but I don't want to change them if they are not need.

I checked all the fuses that I can think of and did the battery disconnect for.15 Mn.

There is a fuse/flasher I think maked hdlp low in the fuse box under the hood. Is that for the low beams?

All help appreciated
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10-07-10, 06:28 PM
Any help would be great.

10-07-10, 08:40 PM
I can post the wiring diagram, ESV-EXT? You can then check if you have power at the ballast or if something else is wrong due to the short circuit. Was a remote starter or alarm installed in the truck? I've seen this often where the tyrap holding the harness to the SC is cut and remote start wires hooked on. The wires then rub on the support for the knee panel everytime you mess with the tilt column, over time wears out the insulation on the wires! Not good!

10-07-10, 09:37 PM
Standard Escalade. Now I have only Heat in defrost mode. I can change the mode to anything and all it does is blow heat from the defrost vents.

I don't think it had a alarm or remote start before but it did have a speaker phone antenna and docking station.

This all started from a pretty much the same tilt thing. They found the short under the steering column. I will do some checking tomorrow.

10-07-10, 10:29 PM
Does anything happen when u pull the flasher lever to flash the highbeams? I suspect theres more harm done in the wiring under the dash. Have a look and post back. A major lookover of all the fuses will be needed also, dont forget the fusebox in the I/P.

Wiring diagram for the headlights with option Z75 (HID):


10-08-10, 08:37 AM
Hey thanks. It has to be some fuse or some relay. Anyway you email me that wiring diagram.



10-08-10, 08:40 AM
Yes the high beams turn on but only the drivers side. I changed the passenger side also but no go it still does not turn on.