: 2005 STS seat heater/cooler doesnīt work on both sides

10-06-10, 06:24 PM
hey guys

just get my "new" sts...

great car! everything ok

just one thing

both seat heaters and coolers doesnīt work!

no symbol displays after pressing the button...

any idia? fuse? module?

i think is musst be one thing together because both not working!

and the other thing is the pwr seats working fine only i can only lift up the front part of the seat the rear part not. when i pull the button it "clicks" but it doesnīt move...

hope u can help me!

thx a lot

greets from germany

10-14-10, 05:44 PM
no idias?:)

10-14-10, 10:07 PM
Did you check your fuses?

10-17-10, 01:16 PM
yes i did

but there are no special fuses for seat heating and cooling?! or did i just not found them?

10-17-10, 08:34 PM
Under the rear seat...

10-19-10, 02:37 PM
yes i looked there but i only found fuses for the passenger side no fuse for the driver side...

10-19-10, 07:20 PM
yes i looked there but i only found fuses for the passenger side no fuse for the driver side...

There are 2 fuse blocks under the rear seat. On driver's side IGN3 lists front passenger side heated seat.

On passenger side RF/HTD over ST/S Band lists front passenger side heated seat. Obviously one is a misprint.

I would check both fuses.


10-21-10, 05:45 PM
yes i checked them! but they are ok!
I also can not turn on the option for the remote start to switch on the SH when I start the car with the remote.

so both doesnt work the seat heaters and coolers on both sides...

what could it be?

10-23-10, 12:08 PM
I think forum members have given up on the seats heating or cooling when the car is remotely started. I swear my wife's 2007 heaters have worked as the manual describes when remote started but I don't drive that car much. That memory is from a business trip almost 2 years ago when my brand-new-to-me 2006 was in the shop for some post-purchase issues.

I don't recall the seat fans ever working on remote start with either car. However, we do have that 'option' turned on. :)

10-23-10, 01:13 PM
The heated and cooled seats when using remote start are based on the air temperature either outside or inside the vehicle. It has to be pretty cold out before the heated funtion works with remote start. It also has to be pretty hot in or outside the car before the cooling funtion works. I don't know what the exact temperatures are but I know the feature works on my 07 STS.

10-23-10, 05:01 PM
thx for the replies

but my problem is I can not activate the option under the remote start settings! there is no on/off button to press for heated or cooled seat.
so thatīs what is very complicated. than also the seat heater or cooler wonīt work after pressing the buttons in the climate control centera also no lights are on afer pressing it.

fuses are all ok..

so what could be the problem?? deactivated thru OBD II or in the Computer Management from the car??

10-23-10, 08:28 PM
Do you not see the option? I can't recall if you have to scroll down to see it.

Does the remote start work? Only fobs matched as 1 & 2 do that. 3 & 4 won't select the correct driver preferences, either.

10-24-10, 06:47 PM
yes the remote start works. no i canīt the option.. i canīt also not scroll down. only can switch on the rear defog and heater....

10-24-10, 07:07 PM
I just noticed your location. Perhaps European models are different?

10-26-10, 03:20 PM
I have an Us Modell. The European modell doesnīt offer it remote start because its not allowed by law over here. Its gas guzzling remote start.

10-27-10, 08:58 PM
Too bad. We need to fight the Greenies attack on freedom.

10-27-10, 11:05 PM
LOL yes german laws sucks sometimes.

any idias? i need now the seat heaters it s getting cold over here:)

10-28-10, 10:35 PM
On the other hand, Germany was the first country in the world to establish purity standards for beer and wine. I like that!

To be honest, car seats should be fabric: cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

There used to be apparrel called a car coat. Long enough to keep your legs & back warm but not bulky.

I wish I had any 'good' ideas.

10-30-10, 08:17 AM
no prob thx a lot:)

nut i prefer the USA! but the government doesnīt make it easy for me to immigrate:)

10-30-10, 08:38 PM
no prob thx a lot:)

nut i prefer the USA! but the government doesnīt make it easy for me to immigrate:)

No problem. Come in through Mexico. Everybody is welcome. Learn to speak Spanish first.

10-30-10, 09:36 PM
Just an idea, but check the climate control seat module under the passenger seat for any burned wiring or terminals on the connectors. This happens a lot on DTS's and Escalades. Disconnect the connectors from the module and inspect.

11-01-10, 04:09 PM
okay thx i ll check it! how can i identify the module?? is there one modul for both seats?